The Masked Singer

Who will be last to take it off? Fans say they know who wins The Masked Singer 2021 tonight

Drumroll please...

By Catie Powers
Channel Ten may be experts at keeping the celebrities on The Masked Singer Australia under wraps, but fans are convinced they have already uncovered who wins the competition.
Of course, most Masked Singer fans are still trying to figure out the identities of the final three contestants.
But others are taking guesses of a different nature, predicting who is going to win the show tonight.
That's right, this show will have a winner - after all, it's not just about trying to guess who the giant fish with a mullet really is.
Just as viewers of the singing show flock to Twitter to share their guesses about who is lurking under the masks, they also flock to Sportsbet and TAB to predict who will take out the crown.
According to Sportsbet, fans are convinced that Vampire will win The Masked Singer Australia for 2021, with Dolly and Mullet taking runner-up and third place respectively.
TAB has also has Vampire in the top spot as the show's winner, and listed Kebab in third place until he was unmasked last night (spoiler alert: it was Jack Vidgen).
There's one name tipped to win season three of The Masked Singer. (Ten)
Vampire, who many fans are convinced is American musician Anastacia, has been listed as a 1.15 on Sportsbet and a 1.12 on TAB.
So far, Vampire has provided the judges and viewers with many obscure clues, including: they "do not fear the daylight", they have "unexpected power", they "have not slept since their teenage years" and more.
You're telling us this isn't Edward Cullen from Twilight?
Fans are convinced it's award-winning singer-songwriter Anastacia, who gave us the '00s hit that is Left Outside Alone, hiding under the mask - but are they right?
Will Vampire sing their way to victory? (Ten)
The judges have found it difficult to put a finger on Vampire, vocalising different guesses each week.
Their picks range from actress Michelle Williams, to musician Janet Jackson, to Taylor Swift (this author will eat her shoe if it's Taylor), Jessica Origliasso from The Veronica's, fashion designer Donatella Versace, Anastacia, and more.
As for whether Vampire will take out the Masked Singer title, you'll just have to tune in to the finale tonight to find out.
All we can say is watching a giant Kebab sing an emotional version of Sam Smith's Stay With Me to a hot chip makes for great television… so clearly the viewers are the real winners here.

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