The Masked Singer

Where are the winners of The Masked Singer Australia now?

We're checking in on Cody Simpson and Bonnie Anderson.

By Maddison Leach
Australia is onto its third season of The Masked Singer and fans can't get enough of the wacky singing show.
With a whole new line-up of masked celebrities ready to belt it out in the latest season, we're looking back at the past season's winners.
Bonnie Anderson and Cody Simpson put the top spots on their respective seasons of The Masked Singer.
But what have they been getting up to in the months and years since they were crowned?
Are they still singing, or have they moved onto new careers? And have they been on TV lately?
Keep reading for all the details on where The Masked Singer Australia's winners are now.
We're checking in on Cody Simpson and Bonnie Anderson. (Instagram/Ten)

Season 1: Cody Simpson

Cody took out the top spot in season one of The Masked Singer in 2019, managing to beat Rob Mills, who came in second place.
It wasn't much of a surprise when he was unmasked, as his identity was just about the worst-kept secret in Aussie showbiz at the time.
"Secret's out. Took the crown! Thank you," he wrote on Instagram after his win.
Singing on the show as the Robot, the 24-year-old was dating none other than Miley Cyrus at the time.
They've since split and Cody made a pretty major career change in 2020, when he announced his surprise bid for the Tokyo Olympics.

He was a talented swimmer in his youth and returned to the sport last year in the hopes of making the Australian Olympic swimming team.
His journey was included in the Amazon Prime Video documentary Head Above Water.
Cody worked with the likes of Ian Thorpe to train up for his Olympic bid but ended up missing out at the Australian Olympic swimming trials in June 2021.
The singer wasn't too disappointed with the result, saying: "To be in that final, that is my achievement for this year, that is my gold medal at least for 2021.
"I didn't expect to be remotely competitive until 2022-23 at the earliest."
Does that mean he'll continue pursuing the sport ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Season 2: Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie won season two of The Masked Singer Australia in 2020 as the Bushranger, beating out Kate Miller-Heidke who was that season's runner up.
"I went on the show [and] I sung my little heart out the best I could. I loved being on there it was such a cool experience," Bonnie told TV WEEK of her win at the time.
The Neighbours star had a singing background and actually won Australia's Got Talent as a youngster in 2007.
After her victory on The Masked Singer, she continued acting on Neighbours before making the bittersweet decision to leave Ramsay Street behind.
"Neighbours really changed my life for the better in so, so many ways," she told The Herald Sun.
"It was really good to have that structure and now after three and a half years on that show I have decided it is time for me to continue challenging myself and create space to focus on my music and songwriting and more acting."
She has yet to release an album, but that may be because she's been busy filming *SAS: Australia.*
The 27-year-old is set to star alongside Jett Kenny and Dan Ewing in the second season of the gruelling reality TV show.
"Stepped into another world and braved it all with all of these great people!" Bonnie wrote on Instagram when the cast was announced.
"I will never ever forget this experience. Thanks for the opportunity and all of the lessons."
In March this year, Bonnie went public with her new boyfriend Matthew Bushby during a getaway to Mt Horn in Victoria.
"Doesn't get much better than this..." the actress captioned a series of photos with Matt, adding a red love heart emoji.
Speaking openly about her new romance, Bonnie told the Herald Sun: "I find myself in a really happy, confident place."
"With my relationship and new projects on the horizon as my time on Neighbours has come to an end, it's an exciting time."
"It was all so exciting and such a cool experience – so wacky and weird!" Bonnie said after her win. (Ten)

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