The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Australia’s premiere date is so much sooner than anyone thought!

We're so excited!

By Maddison Leach
The Masked Singer Australia finally has a release date, and it's just a few weeks away!
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night, the official account for the singing show revealed it will be returning in mid-September.
Posting a photo of three of the new contestants for 2021, the account shared the exact date so fans can mark their calendars.
The caption read: "Psst... We're back on September 13 😎 Your favourite TV show is finally here 🙌🎉 #MaskedSingerAU"
That's right, The Masked Singer Australia is returning to TV screens at 7.30pm on Monday, September 13.

Fans were thrilled with the news and even the judges chimed in, sharing messages of excitement on the post.
"Okay lets party 🎉 and live tweeting. Who's with me?" wrote Dannii Minogue in one comment.
Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes added: "The surprises will be next level mind blowing."
They will be joined by Jackie 'O' Henderson and fan favourite Urzila Carlson to round out the panel this season, with Osher Günsberg hosting the show.
As for the singers, they'll be hiding behind some truly outrageous masks this season, including a huge fish with a mullet and a kind of creepy baby.
Fans were given a few hints about who might be singing behind the masks on the 10Play website.
"Hiding behind elaborate costumes designed by Oscar, BAFTA and AFI-winning costume designer Tim Chappel, are ARIA award winners, Logie recipients, world champions and even a member of the Order of Australia," the site reads.
Who could they be referring to? Is there a Logie winner behind that vampire mask?
Fans have already started guessing at which stars are hiding behind the elaborate costumes this year, especially when one singer lost their mask in a teaser clip.
The video shared by Channel 10 showed Mullet losing their head – literally – on stage and rushing to cover their identity.
Though viewers didn't get a good look at their face, guesses about who it may be started to flood in.
"Mullet is Dipper surely," one viewer wrote on Twitter, while another suggested: "The fish [Mullet] is Jimmy Barnes."
But as any fan of The Masked Singer would know, you can never tell exactly who is under the mask until it comes off.
So looks like we'll just have to wait and see who hits the stage on Monday, September 13 when The Masked Singer Australia's new season premieres.

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