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Here's everything we know about The Masked Singer's Urzila Carlson's ultra private family life

They're a tight bunch!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australians have fallen in love with Kiwi comedian Urzila Carlson on The Masked Singer and it's easy to see why.
But when she's not starring as a panellist on the hit reality TV show or making us cry-laugh in her Netflix special Unqualified Loser, Urzila lives a quiet life with her wife Julie and her two kids in New Zealand.
The 44-year-old, who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, now lives in the suburb of Henderson in Auckland.
Urzila Carlson is a Kiwi comedian who's appeared on Australian TV shows for years. Instagram
Urzila prefers to keep details of her family life strictly private, never posting photos of Julie and their kids on social media or discussing them in interviews.
We do know that Urzila and Julie tied the knot in 2014, so they've been married for about seven years (New Zealand legalised same-sex marriage in 2013), and the couple have one boy and one girl, who both were conceived via a sperm donor.
She has always chosen to keep the identity of the couple's sperm donor private, even refraining from disclosing any details in her memoir Rolling With The Punchlines.
"It really pisses me off when I get complete strangers coming up to me after a gig and asking where we got the sperm from," she told The New Zealand Herald in 2016.
Urzila is one of the celebrity panellists on The Masked Singer this year. Instagram
"It's like asking a straight guy what style he used to knock up his wife, or a straight couple if they're having fertility problems.
She is currenlty back in lockdown in New Zealand, after spending weeks in isolation last year following a COVID-19 outbreak on the set of The Masked Singer that shut down production.
As well as isolating in Melbourne, she then had to see out another 14-day quarantine period in Auckland before she could return home to her family after the 2020 season wrapped.
She filmed the finale of The Masked Singer from her Auckland hotel room and appeared via video link.
"What a God damn nightmare it would be to be stuck in a hotel room with two kids." Instagram
While it wasn't all smooth-sailing, Urzila joked that she actually enjoyed hotel quarantine because she got some much-needed alone time.
"What a God damn nightmare it would be to be stuck in a hotel room with two kids," she told the Daily Telegraph.
"I'd have been making a shiv on the first day," she joked.
She revealed that being holed up in a hotel room all by herself had actually allowed her to indulge in some luxuries she hadn't been able to enjoy for years.
"I love my own company. I've had a bubble bath every day since I've been here. Because I can," she said.
The comedian with her children at an airport. Instagram
"If I try and have a bath at home those kids try and get in with me and that's not what a bath is about.
'That just takes all the leisure time out of it. You know, now I'm sitting on the plug and they make you be on the tap side and the cold water tap that never ever drips normally, will drip on you."
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