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MAFS: Why we are #TeamLizzie. An in-depth look at all the drama from Wednesday night

Hold on to your Martha-inspired pink hats kids ... This one is a doozey!
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If you’ve been keeping up with the debacle that is the Sam Ball/Elizabeth Sobinoff and Ines Basic love triangle (with extra leg – Bronson Norrish), you’ve probably started questioning some seriously alarming behaviour.

While this is just a reality TV show, we – much like the rest of the country – are fully invested in this outrageous story line and in turn, are beginning to take sides.

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From the overarching humiliation of being cheated on to turning the tables in an argument, to his constant and outright hatred for his wife – Sam is becoming increasingly unlikeable.

So with this, an in-depth look into Sam’s behaviour and the rest of the drama from the dinner party, and why we are vehemently becoming Team Lizzie!

Why we are #TeamLizzie! (Source: Channel 9)

Gaslight Sam: Sam tells Lizzie she’s “lost the plot”

After telling Lizzie that he “came into this wanting to find the right partner”, Sam wastes NO time in telling her, that obviously she is not here for “the right reasons” and that she has, in fact, wasted his time.

Sam then insists that he is a “victim” of the entire situation…and we are struggling to agree with him.

During their conversation, Sam uses sentences like: “Stop! I’m talking. It’s my turn,” and “I’m really trying to help you here,” (when he’s absolutely not).

When the conversation turns to that damn “thumb sucking gate”, it’s clear that someone is definitely lying – and we’re inclined to think it’s Sam.

“Umm, excuse me?” (Source: Channel 9)

Sam then repeatedly calls Lizzie a “liar” and to “calm down” but then also tells the cameras that “throughout the experiment, he’s been quite nice to Elizabeth” and sure, Jan.

Sam then kicks Lizzie out of his room and yells, “you’ve lost the plot, girl” and this story about why we are #TeamLizzie should end here.

TouCan Sam and the fruit loop

As if we thought their argument was bad enough, Sam immediately calls Ines to come to his room, because he needs “some love after that“.

“She’s a f- – – – ing fruit loop,” Sam tells his lover. “I feel like TouCan Sam and she’s like all the Fruit Loops in the box.”

Sam continues to defend himself saying that he is the one who is “honest” and honestly, someone needs to get this guy a Webster’s Dictionary.

Ines is tres pleased by this whole conversation. (Source: Channel 9)


We just want to point out that Sam is also doing a similar con job with Ines.

In fact telling her not to tell anyone about their relationship until they are both ready (which will be never), is classic cheating behaviour PLUS he then says, “I’ll keep in touch,” when she leaves, holding all of the power in his hands.

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Everyone is now in on the action. (Source: Channel 9)

Sam and Ines straight up lie to the other couples about their affair

When Ines is asked point blank by Nic Jovanovic if she is hooking up with Sam; the 28-year-old legal assistant lies directly to his face.

But then we have poor old Bronson – the BFG who is being humiliated at every turn.

When Nic calls Sam over to set the record straight, he straight up tells Bronson it’s a lie.

“You say no?” Bronson asks Sam. “I’ll believe you.” No, Bronny! No.

“Why are we still f—ing talking about it,” Sam says and it’s because no one believes you, fool!

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Story continues …

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No Bronson! Don’t believe him! (Source: Channel 9)

Nic, Sam, Martha, Jessika and Mike gang up on Lizzie

Nic, who continuously tells his own wife not to cause drama, is now causing ALL the drama by saying to Sam, “Can I throw you under?”

And Nic, that was completely unnecessary…

“Apparently people want me to care about a situation that I don’t care about and then you drop something and, do you want me to care about it? I don’t know. What do you want from me?” Lizzie says.

“I feel like you don’t care about anything really,” Jessika pipes up.

“So you don’t care about Sam, your husband?” Martha asks.

And BIG mistake. HUGE.

Ya right, Martha? (Source: Channel 9)

“So in the first commitment ceremony you say you don’t care about me, but then you try and hook up with me,” Sam says, banging on about that old thing again,

“Kissing you is not trying to f—ing sleep with you!” Lizzie yells. “Stop trying to make it as if I was trying to have sex with you! It’s like Oh my God! My mind is blown!”

Mike then pulls a “peak Mike” and asks if Lizzie was trying to seduce Sam and when was it OK for people to behave like this?

Finally, expert John chimes in with a voice of reason.

“Sam has turned around and made her look like the problem in all of this,” he says to the other experts. And dah, John.

Lizzie looks defeated. (Source: Channel 9)

Sam tells Lizzie “you’ve lost your mind”

As if Sam telling Lizzie to her face earlier that she’d “lost the plot” wasn’t bad enough, now in front of the entire group, he tells her “you’ve lost your mind”.

WHAT?! (Source: Channel 9)

Lizzie, looking completely defeated, tells the camera how “hurt” she is because these people are just too damn mean, all the while Sam continues to say he’s just wasted his time.

“Oh I don’t think you’ve wasted your time, Sam” Trish says. “You’ve been very busy,” Mel agrees.

And finally! The experts are calling out the right people!

Sam thinks Ines is coming on too strong

While this isn’t something that directly affects Lizzie, it does prove that Sam is being less than respectful in this whole situation.

After Ines tells Sam that she is just crazy about him, Sam starts to panic that Ines is coming on way too strong and “it’s a bit of a turn-off”… and notice the beads of sweat forming on his forehead?

Sam is sweating bullets! (Source: Channel 9)

“I’ve said that I’m attracted to Ines and now all of a sudden we’re here, like it was that quick.”

I think she’s definitely falling for me. I’d hate to go from one bullet to another bullet. Hard situation. I don’t know what to do.”

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Story continues…

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And this my friends, is why we are #TeamLizzie.

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