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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The truth behind Elizabeth’s mystery illness

“I never told anyone on the show…”
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Elizabeth mysteriously disappeared from Married At First Sight last week, leaving her husband Sam alone with no explanation. Though, we all know he’s found a way to keep himself occupied with Ines.

During the commitment ceremony, which aired on Sunday night, love expert John Aiken explained to an agitated Sam that Elizabeth wasn’t currently on the show because she had been sick.

“I’m sick as a dog,” said Sam, referring to his chicken pox. He added that it was “disrespectful” that Elizabeth wasn’t there. But, as John revealed, Elizabeth had more than just itchy spots.

“She does have doctor’s orders to stay away,” he told Sam, who dropped his smug smile. “Whereas you were cleared to come.”

John has no time for Sam’s attitute this week (Image: Nine Network).

In tonight’s episode, Elizabeth made her return to the series, arriving on the Gold Coast and narrowly avoiding running in to Sam canoodling with Ines in their hotel room. You’ve got to love the producer who orchestrated that.

Upon her return, Elizabeth told Sam she had “genuine reasons” and “doctor’s orders” to stay away from the series. However, he wasn’t interested in listening to her explanation.

“It’s just disrespectful and I’m not a fan of it at all,” said the man who just spent the night with another woman, and previously left Elizabeth for an entire week with no contact.

“I’m annoyed, this is bull—t. I’m not that interested in having a wife that goes on a walkabout.”

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t Sam say Elizabeth was overreacting because she was upset that he left her alone for a week with no communication? And now he’s going on about how he has been ‘disrespected’ when he did the exact. same. thing?

At least Elizabeth actually apologised and told Sam “that’s my fault.” Whereas Sam put all the blame on to Elizabeth, claimed he didn’t understand her reaction because he is a man, and mocked her for “carrying on.” But that’s literally another story – you can go read that here.

Elizabeth listens to Sam’s whining (Image: Nine Network).

The mysterious illness was not explained, and Elizabeth tells TV WEEK exclusively that she hadn’t told the other participants about the seriousness of her auto-immune condition.

“I had a virus that caused an upper respiratory tract infection and a secondary tract infection. I never told anyone on the show about my auto-immune condition. I had to be really careful and I had doctor’s orders to not participate,” she reveals.

Elizabeth says her auto-immune condition flares up when she’s stressed.

“It was the environment I was in and obviously my journey was very different to everyone else’s. But I was trying to give it my all.

“With the stress I got the virus, the bacterial infection which could’ve flared up my autoimmune as well.”

Elizabeth returns to MAFS after suffering from a virus (Image: Nine Network).

Back on the show, and back in the graces of her adulterous husband, Elizabeth is ready to head out to girl’s night on the Gold Coast.

With Ines in attendance at MAFS: Schoolies Edition, the night is sure to head in one dramatic direction…

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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