Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Mike Gunner’s ex-girlfriend on what he's REALLY like

We take you inside the secret life of Mike.

By Anita Lyons
Mike Gunner is certainly a colourful stand-out from this year's series of Married at First Sight.
The 44-year-old instantly made waves when he declared that his job as an electrician "gave him a lot of freedom to travel" and in turn, he was exhausted from breaking so many hearts around the world.
Mike also copped backlash after his first (of several) heated arguments with his TV wife, Heidi Latcham.
On their honeymoon in the Whitsundays, he straight up made her so upset that she cried for hours and refused to come down for dinner on their luxurious yacht.
"Look, I'm not your therapist. This isn't therapy," he told his wife after she shared a two-minute story about the trials she had as a teen.
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Mike Gunner's fast become one of the most talked-about stars of the season. (Source: Instagram)
And just this week, Mike was on the radar yet again when he had to deny that he was running his own fan page.
After three weeks of watching Mike Gunner, it's easy to see there's a lot more to Mike than meets the eye.
In a Now to Love exclusive, an ex-girlfriend of the tradie's has come forward, revealing her own personal experience of dating the Queensland local a few years ago.

He always wanted to be a model or actor and got to the last round of this surprising reality TV show

Behind the bravado of Mike Gunner, he's actually quite vulnerable.
"Mike always needed constant affection and reassurance," Mike's ex, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us. "But he also knew that he was very good looking and aspired to be on TV."
"I remember he showed me a couple of mini movies - heap of shots of his modelling, and how he was on billboards overseas," she said.
"He always said he had a voice for radio - he thought he just needed the exposure and everyone would realise what a diamond he was."
And if you thought MAFS was his first foray in reality TV, you'd be wrong. In fact, in 2017, Mike got into the final stages of Survivor!
"He said he knew what reality TV shows wanted now," she revealed. "He thought all someone has to do would be to see him and he would ha a millionaire."
According to his former flame, Mike did a bit of modelling when he lived in El Salvador during his travels "and just really wanted something to entertain himself with."
Mike has always wanted to be a model or an actor. *(Source: Channel 9)"
Mike acted in a short film. (Source: Instagram)
Mike modelled in El Salvador. (Source: Instagram)

Inside Mike's work set-up

We all know that Mike is an electrician by trade, but according to his one-time girlfriend, he also owns a house in Umina [on the Central Coast in NSW] and rents it out so that he can go travel the world."
Revealing that there is a softer side to Mike, she says the 44-year-old allows guests to "couch-surf" in his home. "There are always people coming in and out of his house," she said.
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He'd love to be a father one day

During his travels, Mike worked in an orphanage in El Salvador and during dates with his ex, would often talk about his desire for children.
But according to her, he was very "judgemental of other people and how they raised their kids."
"He 'knows' how to do it..." she said.
"I met him on the Plenty of Fish app and I guess my draw card was my kid. He actually told me really early on that he wanted to be the dad of my son and it was way too fast for me."
Mike has a strong paternal instinct. (Source: Instagram)
Mike's Plenty of Fish profile. (Source: Supplied)

He loves animals

If you're an avid follower of @mikekangaroo - and the now deleted @team_mike_mafs) Instagram accounts – you may notice that Mike is enamoured with animals.
"When I went to his house for the first time, I was shocked because it smelled like cat piss," she said.
"There are animals everywhere. He sleeps with them in his bed and it's just gross."
In fact, he's a lover of all animals – including of the insect variety.
"I remember one time I almost killed a bug and he wasn't happy with me. He said" 'it's an innocent creature!'"
"There are animals everywhere. He sleeps with them in his bed and it's just gross." (Source: Instagram)
"I remember one time I almost killed a bug and he wasn't happy with me." (Source: Instagram)
Mike and a hairless sphinx cat. (Source: Instagram)

His Facebook page is filled with former girlfriends

Mike's Facebook page is filled with photos of other women, which his ex-partner thought was a "little strange."
In fact, the 44-year-old had pictures "of his old girlfriends plastered all over his page."
"He said, 'I want people I've known to think that I've done so well in life.' Then he said, 'well look at me, I've got all of these girls around me that are half my age!'"
Mike's Facebook page features his ex-girlfriend. (Source: Supplied)
Mike's Facebook page. (Source: Supplied)

He has a very close relationship with his sister, Dani

We haven't heard much information about Mike's family on MAFS, however, our source says he's part of a strong family unit.
Mike's Mum, who is a therapist, has three children; Mike and his two sisters.
One lives out on a property in the country, while the other, Dani, lives near him.
"He worships and idolises her [Dani]," our source said of their relationship. "They grew up together and the way he talks about their relationship, they are obviously very close."
"He always talks about how amazing-looking she is and speaks about her as though she is some sort of goddess. They've been incredibly close all their life."
Mike and his sister, Dani Emerton. (Source: Instagram)

He really does zone out when people are talking

After all the things we've learnt, suffice to say that Mike's behaviour on the show is very telling of who he is as a person.
"It's so him when he's on the beach, he just zones out," she said. "I laughed with the Heidi on the beach... we had the same thing."
"[One time] he literally got up and ran over to a dog and started to pat it, while speaking Spanish to these random women. I'm like, 'ummm...hello! I was talking?'"

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