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MAFS' Matthew & Lauren: We're having a baby!

The doting couple can't wait to be parents!

By NW team
At the ripe age of 29, Matthew Bennett was nervous to tell his new bride Lauren that he was still a virgin when they met at the altar last October.
But all that fear has washed to the wayside as Matthew confesses that Lauren is the girl of his dreams – and the future mother of his kids!
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Baby on the way! Matt and Lauren can't wait to be parents. (Image: Exclusive to NW)
Uh-huh, it's goodbye virgin, hello daddy for Matthew, as NW learns he and his bride are expecting.
"This is way beyond anything that I could have expected or hoped for," Matt says of life with Lauren.
"I'm finding it hard to imagine a time where I didn't know her."
Indeed, Queensland-based videographer Matthew tells NW that having children has been a lifelong dream for him.
"I feel like being a dad is the opportunity to help build someone better than me, to pass on the lessons I've learnt and help them become better than I ever could be," he gushes in an exclusive interview.
"It's hard to put into words actually how important this is."
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Yep, Matthew's life has completely changed since he met make-up artist Lauren, 31, who he lost his virginity to during a romantic honeymoon in South Australia.
"Facing that fear made me realise it doesn't have to be as scary as you build up in your head – they say growth lies outside of your comfort zone," he admits, adding that he's over the moon to be off the market.
"My parents got engaged within three weeks of meeting and they've been married for 30 years, so I guess it was always something in my head that I wanted to do with my life."
WATCH: Lauren and Matthew share their first kiss on MAFS. Story continues after video...
And Lauren feels exactly the same: "The moment I saw him I knew that he was something special. He puts me first before anything and I just feel so lucky," she gushes.
"He's just diving straight into the deep end, and I have so much respect for him and I'm so proud of him."
In fact, as news emerges they have one on the way, Lauren confesses she's "never been ready for something so serious".
And Matthew says he doesn't want to stop at just one baby: "I don't know an exact number, but I grew up with a sister and it was always good having someone.
"Basically your sister becomes one of your best friends, so I always thought I'd have at least two kids," he gushes, adding that he'll be "an active and involved dad".
"I'll be a dad who's there and consciously spends time with his kids," Matthew admits.
"I'm a great big softie and I love superheroes and I'm not afraid of dressing up in superhero costumes if the kids want me to – I'm basically a big kid at heart!" Awww!
And it's not just Matthew who's thrilled at having a family – his parents are delighted as well! "They're absolutely keen to be grandparents," Matthew spills, laughing. "My mum has wanted to be a grandmother for so long!"
And as for how he feels about Lauren?
"When I turned around and saw those big bright eyes and the attractive smile, it set me at ease," he says of meeting his wifey.
"Here was someone brave enough to do this thing, and she was still smiling. I felt a connection." You don't say...
Congrats, guys!
The future looks bright for these two reality TV lovers. (Image: Exclusive to NW)

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