Married At First Sight

MAFS's Elizabeth just one-upped us all with this GENIUS pizza hack and Twitter is exploding

Rewind, did she actually just do that!?

By Jess Pullar
Pizza will forever be a point of dispute - some like it with pineapple, some like it with anchovies, some like to eat it cold the next morning and some... like to put it in the toaster?
Well, at least that's what Married At First Sight's Elizabeth enjoys, and she's completely stumped the internet because of it...
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Wait, what did she just do with that slice of pizza!? (Image: Nine)
On Tuesday evening's episode, Elizabeth, whose husband Sam ditched her on their honeymoon to attend a funeral, was seen in a number of shots looking bored, impatient and at times, downright angry.
So what does one do to pass the time when your husband's done a runner? Eat junk food of course!
As the episode neared a close, we were delivered the ultimate scene of Elizabeth, who was still waiting for Sam.
As she tells the camera: "No text message, nothing at all," from Sam, we see her popping a slice of pizza in the toaster.
Sorry, wait, rewind, what!?
Watch the mind-boggling moment below:
Let's unpack this - while a piece of pizza is undeniably delicious no matter what temperature it's at, if we want to heat it up we thought our only option was to microwave it (soggy central anyone?).
But now, there's a genius new hack all thanks to Elizabeth! Popping it in the toaster is sure to warm it up while keeping it nice and crispy - what a time to be alive!
As the scene aired, it became apparent that Australia was thinking the exact same as us as Twitter exploded with hilarious comments.
One person wrote: "I did kind of think Elizabeth was the worst until I saw her reheating pizza in the toaster. It was at that moment I realised she's probably the hero we all need but don't deserve. #MAFS"
Another was well impressed: "PIZZA IN A TOASTER!? GOD BLESS YOU ELIZABETH".
And there were plenty more where that came from, see the best reactions to pizza-gate below.
Story continues after Tweets.
There's no denying Elizabeth's ways of dealing with rejection were on the comical side - in another scene, Elizabeth is seen reading a book upside down, while in another she is seen eating Nutella straight from the jar - we feel you, girl.
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Elizabeth said the high-pressured environment she was in exacerbated things somewhat.
"You're in a pressure cooker environment," she said.
"So they [viewers] can have their opinion watching you because to them it's only taken an hour. In reality it was all taken over a huge spectrum and so a lot of emotions are condensed down... I'm not going to apologise for anything that I was doing."
The blonde bride also revealed she's still reeling from Sam's silence in the days following their wedding.
"I tried not to sugar coat things. I know some people do to stop people from hurt feelings, but I needed to say what I was thinking with real emotions and say, 'I'm sorry guys, but this is what it is...'"

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