Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's partner swapping scandal: Does Sam dump Elizabeth for Ines?

Let the partner swapping begin!

By Bella Brennan
The show might be titled Married At First Sight but in reality, a huge element of Nine's juggernaut dating series is the incestuous partner swapping.
Because if at first you don't like your bride/groom, swap, swap, swap til you're happy and have enough followers to quit your job and spruik teeth whitening on Instagram.
Hot on the heels of last year's explosive season, which saw Tracey Jewel dump Dean Wells and briefly date Sean Thomsen, while Troy Delmege swapped bride Ashley Irvin for Carly Bowyer (and that's just the tip of the iceberg), this year's MAFS was always going to embrace A LOT of swinging.
And according to an explosive new report, we already have our first partner switcheroo of the season.
But be warned, potential spoilers ahead! Read at your own will...
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This week, The Daily Mail Australia claimed that Sam Ball cheats on Elizabeth Sobinoff with fellow MAFS cast member Ines Basic, who is matched with Bronson Norrish.
Insiders alleged the tradie walked out of the experiment just three weeks in and said that appearing on the show was a "big mistake and [he] regrets it all."
Apparently Sam wanted to bail on MAFS as soon as he was matched with Elizabeth but tried to give "producers what they wanted" by pursuing Ines, knowing it would be a salacious plot line.
MAFS love triangle: Sam is believed to cheat on Elizabeth with Ines. (Images: Channel Nine)
The report also claims Sam and Ines' fling wasn't serious and quickly fizzled out.
"It wasn't serious with Ines, he just felt trapped on the show and wasn't happy with Elizabeth," the source revealed.
So, the question begs did this actually happen?!
A well-placed insider confirms to Now to Love that Sam and Ines did indeed briefly hook up during the show.
"They hooked up and it was against all morals and values of marriage," the insider tells us.
Well there you go, did someone say Dean and Davina 2.0?
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Further fuelling speculation, when Sam was asked who he'd pick if he could have chosen his bride, he told Woman's Day he'd return to his traditional brunette type and "go for someone who tends not to have as much drama around them, like Ines."
Make of that what you will!
Earlier this week, Woman's Day also revealed Sam and Elizabeth's wedding night was plagued with drama after a heated argument broke out between the pair.
Elizabeth came close to running off the set after she threw a very public tantrum at her and Sam's hotel in Sydney following their nuptials.
"She was furious, she threw herself against the wall and sulked," revealed a spy.
"Those two are like chalk and cheese," they added. "If you ask me they won't last very long."
WATCH: Bronson's dad gives an emotional speech at their wedding. Post continues...
While Sam's marriage to Elizabeth was clearly doomed from day dot, it looks like the buff 26-year-old has since moved on and is rumoured to be dating a regular civilian from the outside world called Akila Ahmunett.
Doing little to hide their blossoming romance, the new couple have reportedly posted loved-up selfies on Instagram Stories and are officially "in a relationship" on Facebook.
Sorry, yet again, to the experts! Looks like the MAFS curse has struck once more.
"They hooked up and it was against all morals and values of marriage," a source confirms to Now to Love of Sam and Ines' fling. (Image: Channel Nine)