Married at First Sight: A definitive list of all of Ines' WILD quotes

I don't even think I was conscious at the time...

By Anita Lyons
Meet Married at First Sight's Ines Basic, a 28-year-old legal assistant from Brisbane, QLD.
We'd say she's really happy to meet you, but in the case of this firecracker, it would be definitely stretching the truth.
Expert John Aiken describes her as a "genuinely fun, focused, smart lady in there - ready to find a husband..."
"She's brutally honest and headstrong, but that is deliberate to prevent herself getting hurt, because she's had to look after herself all her life," he says.
Ines experienced a difficult upbringing after her family fled Bosnia during the war in the 1990s - and this included watching her mum give birth to her younger sister in a refugee camp.
Ines' husband, Bronson Norrish, 34, lived a very different life as a stripper, but is now an entrepreneur.
He has a huge heart, always sees the positives in life and owns a party boat - and seeing as though she describes herself as "super straight down the line and super honest," Ines was unimpressed by her husband when she met him at the altar.
As she said in the very first episode: "Some people will not like me but I don't really care."
Not backwards in coming forwards, Ines speaks her mind, yells the truth and doesn't care how you feel about it... especially if you're her husband. #PrayforBronson
With this, we present to you a definitive list of all the wild things Ines says - and trust us, this is just the beginning!
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