Married At First Sight

Can we talk about how humiliating MAFS is for Bronson right now?

Can someone just tell the poor guy, please?

By Anita Lyons
Guys, we need to talk about Bronson Norrish.
The eye-brow ring wearing, former stripper who is (stuck) married to Ines Basic.
We have a lot of feelings about Ines' fake TV husband and it has everything to do with the fact that Married at First Sight is completely and utterly humiliating him.
If you've been living under a rock, you may have missed that Bronson's wife and Elizabeth Sobinoff's husband, Sam Ball, are engaging in an extra-marital "affair" with one another.
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Poor Bronson :( (Source: Channel 9)
But it's not so much the affair that we have an issue with for poor old Bronson. It's the production editing and it's making him look like a complete and utter clueless fool.
While we watch Ines and Sam hatch their dirty plan to "stay" to get to know each other better, Bronson thinks that his relationship is on the up and up – particularly since 'couples therapy' with Expert John Aiken at the beginning of this week.
"I feel much better after talking to him," Bronson tells his wife on the way to the dinner party on Wednesday's episode.
Bronson feels so much better after speaking to expert John Aiken, and Ines "agrees" with him. (Source: Channel 9)
But Sunday's commitment ceremony takes this humiliating situation to a whole other level and seriously, we just want to send Bronson a big ole hug!
"I came here to fall in love," Ines says in a voice over before the couple talk to the experts.
"I have fallen for Sam and not Bronson. The more I see Sam, the more obsessed I get with him. Like I'm fully obsessed with him," she says.
"I just want Sam. So for now, I am going to stay in my marriage with Bronson and pretend that I care so I can just start a new relationship with Sam."
And lordy, do you think she may like Sam?
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John reminisces over the hella awkies commitment ceremony from last week, but is thrilled to hear that they are better placed this week.
Ines wants everyone to know that her relationship is now: "good", "super-chilled" and "easy" and they "haven't had one fight" this week…but probably because she's given up yelling expletives at him.
Bronson feels there is a massive turn-around in their relationship. In fact, he goes on to say:
"I thought there has been a massive turn around. We've been three days together and it's getting better, more and more. The more I am with her, the more I enjoy her…" and No, Bronson. No.
"It's been refreshing and I actually feel happy around Ines again," Bronson continues. "It's nice and it shows that she really has a nice sensitive side."
Bronson and Ines during the commitment ceremony. (Source: Channel 9)
This whole thing is a big fat lie and we cannot take it anymore.
Then Bronson claims that if he had met her the way that she is now, he would "marry her again tomorrow" and:
Umm mi scusi? (Source: Channel 9)
Sorry, what? (Source: Channel 9)
And then the most humiliating kicker of them all:
When expert Mel Schilling asks if there is a way the couple could live in the same apartment, Bronson says:
"Umm, I think definitely. We just didn't want to rush straight into it in case we go back to square one again. It's just baby steps all the way through and hopefully we get back there again."
And firstly, why does he keep saying; "get back there again" like they've had marital bliss before?
LOL! We've never seen that side! (Source: Channel 9)
And secondly, this:
"If he steps in to my front door we are getting a divorce," Ines says in a voice over.
Hey MAFS, can we give the guy a break? This is just too embarrassing and we can't with it anymore.

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