Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight: Twitter reacts to Bronson, Ines and that EXPLOSIVE commitment ceremony

By Anita Lyons
If you're one to skip out on the Married at First Sight commitment ceremonies because you think they're "beige", then you may need to re-look at your calendar.
Not only is the entire season bigger and better than the years gone by, but these Sunday night eps are seriously full of spilled tea… and you don't want to miss them.
While couples like Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett; and Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis are safe as brick houses, others haven't fared so well in the experiment.
But it was Bronson Norrish' decision that had EVERYONE talking.
Melissa Lucarelli's response sums up the entire encounter. (Source: Channel 9)
Of course, we had to wait the ENTIRE episode for Bronson and Ines' fateful ceremony - but from the get-go, it was everything we hoped for and more.
"I'm going into the commitment ceremony with full-blown depression," Ines says. "I want to leave the marriage. I'm so emotionally and mentally drained from having this liability attached to me."
Oh, so this is going to be fun for old mate, Bronny!
John asks the fateful question: "How are you guys going" and to be honest, there's no need to go into detail, because we KNOW how they are going.
WATCH NEXT: he Bronson and Ines honeymoon showdown!
After offending Bronson with absolutely everything she says, and Bronson saying that he is a firm believer that people "should be happy", Ines says:
"But this is not good, so why are you happy?"
"Oh, no. I am miserable. Absolutely miserable," he says and blink twice if you need us to rescue you, Bron!
But the real kicker comes when Bronson explains that Ines wont let him hold her hand.
"I don't want him f - - - - ing touching me. I don't want to be in the same room as him. I think that says it all," she said.
And Jessika's response says it all really. (Source: Channel 9)
"I mean anyone here wants to give me their husband, then give it to me..." Ines then says, and for some reason, Sam looks super shifty....
Jules and Lizzie then call out Ines for wanting "group sex" and dear god, we are sitting here with our mouths wide open!
So after all of this and coupled with probably the worst week of their lives, it's time to make a decision.
Of course, Ines decides to leave... however, when it came to Bronson, the biggest shock was when he decided to STAY in the experiment.
And umm, WHAT?
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Is he mad? (Source: Channel 9)
Oh. my. god! (Source: Channel 9)
He's gone insane! (Source: Channel 9)
Of course, Twitter had a lot to say...
This is NOT going to end well...
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