Married At First Sight

MAFS' Sam and Ines plot to “stay” for each other and no thank you very much

And of course, continue to humiliate their partners in the process.

By Anita Lyons
Yes Week was supposedly a chance for Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball to reconnect on Married at First Sight.
To say that this is did not happen is an understatement.
Sam has now set his sights on another bride, Ines Basic, and after a late-night couch meet-up, their "affair" is about to get a whole lot more complicated.
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To make matters worse, Sam's S.O Lizzie and Ines' husband – Bronson Norrish - are none the wiser about this sorry situation and frankly, it's as awkward as hell to watch.
After a counselling session with expert John Aiken at the beginning of the week leaves Bronson feeling hopeful, fake marriage adulterer Ines, does nothing to deter his enthusiasm.
"I feel much better after talking to him," Bronson tells his wife on the way to the dinner party.
Bronson feels so much better after speaking to expert John Aiken, and Ines "agrees" with him. (Source: Channel 9)
On Wednesday's episode, the affair chicken has hatched from the egg (if we have to play along with Ines' text message analogy) and Sam and Ines have a secret rendezvous in a "private room" away from their unsuspecting cast mates.
Not even a bout of chicken pox and a missing wife (ahem, where for art thou Lizzie?) will stop our tradie friend Sam from being sucked into the vortex that is Ines Basic.
"I thought I'd never get you alone, thy Romeo!" Ines says, and Sam responds, "I used thoust cupcakes 1000 times to get you to come" and we are now forever turned off the delicious snack.
Referring back to their "loved ones", Sam asks Ines about her fake husband and that's when we see Bronson genuinely having a great time. He's telling the other grooms that "we no longer want to kill each other", so there's that.
But they digress.
After a lot of "touching" – mostly by Ines of Sam's luscious locks, the pair hatch a plan for the following commitment ceremony – even though keen bean Ines wants him NOW!
WATCH NEXT: Sam gets sucked in to the vortex that is Ines
"We should get back," Sam says, while Ines insists it's "together".
"Maybe not together," he says, foiling her evil plan.
"But what if I'm like at the commitment ceremony..." Ines asks. "I already know Bronson is going to say stay. I'm kind of like stuck, so I may as well say 'stay.'"
"What would you do?" she asks Sam.
"I guess I'll have to do the same."
There's a serious plan being hatched. (Source: Channel 9)
And back up the truck.
Beep! Beep! Beep! This is not OK, you guys. It's not cool, it's just not cricket. We are not happy, Jan!
Firstly, where are the experts? Aren't they watching this train wreck? Can they not yell and scream and say, "Oh no, this is not OK."
Secondly, these two are setting themselves up for a whole world of hurt. For their partners, themselves and let's be honest, with each other.
Do they really look good together? (Source: Original images - Channel 9)
This cannot be good and is likely to end very, very badly. Did they learn nothing from the insanity of Davina, Dean and Tracey?
By all means Sam and Ines - go forth for our viewing pleasure but remember, no one likes a cheater.

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