Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight: Bronson calls out Ines in the best possible way

''I can see why you're single...''

By Anita Lyons
Nothing says buzzkill like Ines Basic on a boat...
On Tuesday's episode of Married at First Sight, Bronson Norrish and his bride were whisked away on a romantic honeymoon to Port Douglas... except that it wasn't romantic for poor old Bronson!
In fact, if we were the 34-year-old, we would have gotten on the next plane outta there, STAT.
Unfortunately, Ines has already made it pretty clear how much she hates her new TV husband. And when we say hate, we mean H.A.T.E.
Even before the pair tied the knot, Ines blurted out her true feelings about the entrepreneur and they were nothing short of, well, blunt.
"Hi Bronson, can we get rid of your eyebrow ring please?" she quipped as we collectively drew a very deep breath. And who could forget her charming: "When he smiled, I first wanted to punch him in the jaw" remark.
So when production put them on a small boat together, on choppy waters in Northern Queensland to go parasailing, it was bound to cause some... upset.
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Ines speaking her mind. Again. (Source: Channel 9)
Even though Ines puts on a tough exterior, it is clear that she has a very big fear of heights... or water... or boats... or death... all of which are elements of parasailing.
And if you think she was going to be comforted by Bronson, you would be sorely mistaken - because she doesn't need no comforting.
"I think you should go up on your own," Ines tells Bronson, while clearing her throat for the fiftieth time.
After he asks if she wants to "do it by herself", she slaps him in the face.
"I just don't want to do it with you!"
"I think Bronson thought that I was just being dramatic," Ines tells the producers. "I was actually like serious. I didn't feel well like mentally, emotionally and spiritually."
We can't tell if he was sunburned or turning red from fury... (Source: Channel 9)
Clearly overwhelmed and petrified of this activity, Ines tells Bronson that he should go first, and ever so eloquently wishes he would disappear.
"I'll watch you, and if anyone has a knife so I can cut the rope, watch Bronson sail away into the sky..."
And finally, after what seemed to be like an eternity, earth angel Bronson blows up...
"I don't want to tell someone what to do, but if they're being a d--k I'll tell ya!" and tell her, she did.
"I've got to say it, as a human you are a horrible horrible person," he claps back, while we all cheered, and while Ines practically screamed at him to "Shut the f-- up! Get me off the f---ing boat," he calmly replies: "I can see why you are single, eh!"
Twitter were of course set alight, because MAFS wouldn't be MAFS without its audience.
In all reality, Bronson truly is the perfect match for Ines.
He's kind, wears his heart on his sleeve and has been through more than most people could ever fathom.
But everyone has their limits and he really knows how to put Ines in her place - we just hope that she can settle down and enjoy the ride.
And if not, he can write a big fat 'LEAVE' at the commitment ceremony.
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