Married At First Sight

STOP EVERYTHING: Married At First Sight’s Sam was on Home and Away

You won’t believe what ‘role’ he played!

By Tina Burke
You know how trolls on the internet love to pipe up every season of Married At First Sight with the incredibly unique and hot take that some of the show's stars are actually just actors? It seems they may have a point this year, as it's been revealed that Sam Ball has previously appeared on Home and Away.
Sam made his cameo as a river boy in January 2018, even donning the iconic 'Blood and Sand' tattoo in his role.
Home and Away fans will remember that one of the main plotlines in early 2018 was the death of Kat (Pia Miller). Her grieving partner Ash (George Mason) was looking to track down her "killer" Robbo (Jake Ryan) and sought the help of the river boys.
When Dean (Patrick O'Connor) showed up to Kat's funeral with a gang of river boys in tow, Sam played one of the shirtless thugs. Complete with VERY slicked hair and his trademark smug expression.
Sam and his signature tattoo arrive on Home and Away.
A shirtless cameo was an obvious choice for Sam.
Sam with the rest of the river boys.
Honestly, who is shocked? No one. We already knew Sam had previous acting experience and he's not the only one to star on another show.
Spiritual groom Dino Hira previously tried his luck at love on First Dates in 2018, and Bronson had a crack at the course on Australian Ninja Warrior.
Still, it's fun to see Sam in his "acting role" on Home and Away.
Randomly, while I was on the hunt for this very important clip of Sam - which you can watch in the player at the top of the article - I also came across a clip of Romy from The Bachelor in an episode from last year. It's seven months too late, but, oh well!
Here she is in a Home and Away scene with Willow (Sarah Roberts), engaging in some scandalous business...
Honestly, I'm living for this 'reality star formerly on Home and Away' file. I wonder what else will come to the surface as MAFS continues on...

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