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Married at First Sight: Nic and Jessika's SECRET hook-up!

Playing footsies under the table and getting flirty in lifts – things have been heating up between two MAFS stars, but not married ones!

By NW team
Yep, it turns out Ines Basic isn't the only wife on the show who's sinking her claws into another woman's husband. Spies tell NW Jessika Power made a play for Nic Jovanovic – and in a big way!
According to our source, things heated up on an elevator between the reality stars. "Apparently there was an incident in the lifts, where I'm pretty sure one of them hit on the other one and then that's sort of where the flirtation started," spills the source.
Insiders says sparks also flew at dinner parties, but on the down-low. "I heard whispers that at dinner parties she was saying that Nic was touching her under the table. She told people that," says the spy.
Then all that pent-up passion prompted Jess to corner Nic in public, whisking him away at a dinner party in front of the rest of the cast for a one-on-one chat!
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Did Nic and Jess couple swap?? (Source: Channel 9)
"She was like, 'I've got this, this is what I'm going to do.' She's got zero care factor in the world, that girl. She's got no shame, whatsoever.
"Everyone at the dinner party was like, 'Did everyone just see that?'" reveals the source.
"She was basically hitting on him, telling him how she finds him attractive and all of that sort of nonsense and then Nic was just saying, 'I can't do this, I have a wife. This is too much for me.' So he actually shut her down. It was a pretty quick conversation," reveals our on-set spy.
According to the source, Jess didn't take the rejection well.
"I think she was a bit taken aback by it. I think she was just assuming he would be all for it because he's quite a flirty kind of guy, he's friendly, maybe she read into it the wrong way."
According to the source, Jess didn't take the rejection well. (Source: Instagram)
In fact, the source reckons that Nic was left red-faced by the whole thing. "I sort of felt like, he was like, 'Oh, don't put me in this situation! It's not cool.'"
After failing to hit it off with her groom Mick Gould, insiders say Jess obviously decided to try her luck elsewhere. "I guess maybe she wasn't happy with Mick and then she decided to flirt and see where she could go with Nic and he basically shut her down," says the spy, who doesn't feel sorry in the slightest for the reality star, alleging she's only doing the show for fame!
"She would just escalate everything to try and get as much attention as possible," says the source, who believes her play for Nic was just another grab for a story line. Ouch!
Our source reckons that Nic was left red-faced by the whole thing! (Source: Instagram)
As for Nic's wife Cyrell Paule, the source says that she was aware of Nic and Jess's flirtation – and she wasn't happy about it!
"Cyrell had a confrontation with Martha about the rumours about Jess and Nic," says the source, who adds Jess is "super cliquey" with Martha and Ines. "You could cut the tension with a knife."
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