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The ‘winners edit’ and a super suss car: Here’s all the clues to suggest Irena wins The Bachelor 2020

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Ever since Irena Srbinovska measured Locky Gilbert’s heartbeat in that fateful first episode of The Bachelor, one thing has been clear – this woman is a shoo-in for the hotly anticipated final rose.

Yep, the Melbourne nurse fast made an impression on Locky and Australia with her down-to-earth personality and very quick connection with the man himself.

But of course, she’s not the only frontrunner that’s got fans of the show scrambling for clues in order to suss who ends up with that final rose.

From day dot, one Bella Varelis has also caught Locky’s attention, which of course, kind of complicates the whole idea that Irena has it in the bag.

But even so, there’s a whole bunch of clues that point firmly towards Irena (and a whole bunch of clues that point away from Bella…).

We look at everything so far to suggest Irena’s about to snag that reality TV happily ever after.

A few not-so-subtle clues have suggested Irena is about to steal Locky’s final rose.

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She got the “winner’s edit”

As pointed out by a fellow Bachie guru and former winner Chelsie McLeod, Irena’s grand entrance on the show set quite the scene.

Describing Irena’s entrance as the classic “winner’s edit”, Chelsie shared a little nugget of info that had us sitting up and taking notice – the music.

Yep, when Irena hopped out of the limo to meet Locky for the first time, that unmistakeable slow, romantic music started, and every bit of the meeting was documented carefully.

Chelsie was quick to the punch: “Ooh, winner’s music!” she said on Instagram.

“Top four surely… that music. She’s cute,” she added.

Irena was given the ‘winner’s edit’ during her opening scene.

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She left a not-so-subtle Instagram like to ~maybe~ throw people off the scent

Back in August, an eagle-eyed fan pointed out something buried within Irena’s Instagram comments where someone had quipped that she was too good for Locky.

Irena ‘liked’ the comment, sending fans into a completely reasonable and not-at-all OTT meltdown.

It’s common for winners to attempt to throw people off the scent in the lead up to finales – Bachelor in Paradise this year was case in point. Anyone else remember that lukewarm suggestion that Renee and Connor were a thing? Yeah, nice try guys.

The curious case of the stationary car

In a very sneaky spot pointed out by The Wash, Irena’s car in Melbourne has been stationary outside a property for several weeks, which has sparked rumours she’s either travelled to Perth where Locky resides, or to Sydney where the winners usually do press after the finale.

Given she’s been in Melbourne, Irena would be required to quarantine in each state, which explains her lengthy absence.

The other frontrunners have gone a little… rogue

If you’ve been keeping your eyes unaverted from potential spoilers, you’ll likely be aware of a blossoming new friendship that appears to have stemmed from the mansion.

Indeed, Bella and late intruder Bec have been spotted several times together out and about in Bondi in recent weeks, with it being rumoured they’re even moving in together.

Given both are still technically in the running for Locky’s heart in the grand finale as the episodes go to air, it seems a little suss to expect the winner getting along so well with one of the Bachelor‘s exes.

Irena on the other hand? Well, she certainly hasn’t been spotted out and about with any of the other girls from the mansion.

Bring on Thursday, we say…

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