Pose for the rose: The best, boldest and bravest fashion moments from the 2020 Bachelor

Surprisingly stylish.

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to fashion, one might be a little hesitant to look to The Bachelor Australia to give us a solid dose of inspiration.
But in an unexpected, albeit refreshing surprise, the 2020 season is actually proving the notion is actually not all that wild to assume.
When the premier episode aired, it would be safe to say the country was a little distracted by the ~drama~ that played out between some of the contenders vying for Locky Gilbert's heart.
But behind the chaos of red-hair meltdowns, penguin suits and a triple threat rose, there was actually a multitude of fashion moments we simply couldn't ignore.
So, if you're after a little reprieve from this season's twists and turns, we've rounded up our favourite fashion moments from the season in one place.
Keep scrolling for the best looks to come from The Bachelor 2020.