We've reached peak Instagram with these sunset + bikini + puppy-clad profiles belonging to the 2020 Bachelor contenders

Expectation vs... expectation.

By Jess Pullar
Every year, Australia bears witness to a new set of stunning local lasses vying to steal the heart of one very lucky bloke.
Yes, The Bachelor is a television legacy Down Under that's spanned more than seven years, with each season presenting a plethora of varied personalities.
2020's cast are already proving to be no different - and you don't even need to watch the show to know it.
Aiming to steal the heart of Locky Gilbert this season, we've got models, makeup gurus, travel enthusiasts and a lot of beach fans (or more accurately, beach photoshoot fans).
And while things can get a little same same when it comes to Instagram, each of these contenders are sure to bring their own unique personalities to the table.
If you fancy a little stalking sesh, we did the work for you and tracked down all the stunning women vying for that final rose.
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