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Meet the women sauntering into Locky Gilbert’s particularly chiselled arms on The Bachelor 2020

Locky is about to embark on his greatest adventure yet.
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It hasn’t even hit our screens yet, but this season of The Bachelor Australia 2020 is set to be the most ground-breaking one yet.

After production of the show was forced to come to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, season eight of The Bachelor is going to look a little different this year.

Thankfully, as restrictions lifted, the show was managed to be salvaged. But just like the rest of the world, The Bachelor has had to pivot and adapt to these strange new times.

Which means saying goodbye to pashing multiple women and embracing Zoom dates and social distancing – welcome to The Bachelor in the time of COVID-19!

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Despite the disruptions to filming, Locky is determined to find The One.

“Being in love is the best feeling in the world, it takes your breath away,” the 30-year-old says in the first trailer.

“I’m here to find love. I would love to get down on one knee at the end. I’m the kind of guy that would do it,” he teases of a possible grand finale proposal.

As we countdown to the show’s hotly-anticipated August return, Channel 10 have revealed the first three women vying for former Survivor star Locky Gilbert’s heart.

First up is 23-year-old Rosemary from Queensland, who ruffles Locky’s feathers by arriving in a penguin suit.

“I see you got the penguin suit memo,” the stunning blonde jokes on the red carpet.

It’s then Steph’s turn to meet the Bachelor – and the 26-year-old from Victoria tries to use burritos to bond with him.

Finally, 25-year-old Bella from NSW walks in and forms an instant connection with the handsome adventurer.

“I got you a little heart that we can pop on your sleeve, so you always remember to wear your heart on your sleeve,” Bella says, as she gifts Locky a heart-shaped pin.

Keep scrolling to meet the Bachelorettes from this year’s season!

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Kaitlyn, 26

Coming in as an intruder on the second episode, Kaitlyn quickly proved a big threat to the other women vying for Locky’s heart. Wearing a stunning bridal gown and with instant chemistry in front of the camera with the Bachie, we’re pulling out the popcorn to witness how this love story goes down.

(Image: Network Ten)


Nicole, 26, NSW

Like her outfit suggests, Nicole is set to dance her way into Locky’s arms as she rolls up for her first mansion meeting with the Bachie. Locky is clearly taken with her, telling the cameras: “Nicole has a lot of energy and that’s someone I want to be around.” Looks like this is one first impression that’ll make a lasting impact!

(Image: Network Ten)


Laura, 24, WA

Laura is a fan of the finer things in life, as you can already tell from her rather bejewelled outfit. Her first meeting with Locky also suggests as much – with a birthday next week, she asks the new Bachie how much he’s willing to spend on her – will it be enough?

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Meet Steph on The Bachelor

(Image: Network Ten)


Areeba, 25, NSW

Beautiful Areeba describes herself as a “boss at work, a boss at home and I’m a boss with my relationships”. Yep, we’re pretty sure this one isn’t here to muck around.

(Image: Channel 10)


Irena, 30, Vic

As a nurse, Irena comes well-equipped to check Locky’s racing pulse. Their spark is electric and after a night of making eyes across the room with each other, she makes her move by revealing the one thing the other ladies don’t have – a stethoscope.

(Image: Channel 10)


Steph, 26, VIC

Steph tries to bond with Locky by chatting about her favourite food – burritos. Things hit a snag when he admits he’s not a fan of spicy food.

(Image: Channel 10)


Rosemary, 23, QLD

Proving she’s one brave bird, Rosemary makes a lasting impression when she rocks up to the red carpet to meet Locky for the first time in a penguin suit. We love her already!


Bella, 25, NSW

Bella by name and nature. This stunning brunette catches Locky’s eye right away. “Sorry I just got lost in your eyes, they’re beautiful,” he tells her.

(Network Ten)


Paige, 31, VIC

When asked how she intends to stand out, Paige says she’s just going to “be myself!” – can’t argue with that.

(Network Ten)


Zoe-Clare, 23, QLD

This stunning Queenslander has been through her own heartbreak, but she’s ready for a new chapter: “After my last relationship, I focused heavily on work and kind of shut out the opportunity to meet someone,” she says.

(Network Ten)


Maddy, 25, TAS

This brave Tasmanian knows exactly who she is: “I’m confident, stubborn, passionate, thoughtful and honest” – a wining combo for Locky?

(Network Ten)


Marlaina, 31, VIC

(Network Ten)


Roxi, 29, QLD

(Network Ten)


Nadine, 30, VIC

(Network Ten)


Georgie, 32, TAS

(Network Ten)


Marg, 23, VIC

(Network Ten)


Clare, 26, WA

(Network Ten)


Juliette, 34, NSW

(Network Ten)


Kristina, 24, WA

(Network Ten)


Charley, 25, QLD

(Network Ten)


Bel, 25, NSW

(Network Ten)


Izzy, 29, QLD

(Network Ten)


Gemma, 28, QLD

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Meet Bella on The Bachelor

(Image: Channel 10)


Locky, you’re spoiled for choice!

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