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Meet Kaitlyn Hoppe, the woman behind The Bachelor's surprise bridal twist that leaves the cast reeling

The drama just keeps on coming.

By Alex Lilly
It wouldn't be The Bachelor without an intruder or two and the first one is already set to cause a fair amount of drama.
And lo and behold, at the famous Bachie photo shoot group date, the women are shocked to see a mysterious blonde dressed as a bride join the date.
The reaction is instant.
"Great we have another Barbie doll in the house," Areeba exclaims in a preview for Thursday night's episode.
"First my photo shoot was ** and now some chick turns up in a goddamn wedding dress," adds Roxi.
The chick/Barbie doll in question is 26-year-old Kaitlyn Hope who is a late contender for Locky's heart.
That's some sizzling chemistry! (Network Ten)
Sparks fly instantly between Locky and his new arrival, but Kaitlyn isn't the type to stand in the corner.
"They'd better get used to me being around because I am here for the long run," she confidently states in the trailer.
So what exactly do we know about Kaitlyn as she prepares to make her grand Bachie debut? There are some telling clues on the Internet that make us think she's one to watch.
We reckon Kaitlyn is one to watch this season. (Network Ten)
Kailyn hails from Queensland's Gold Coast and whilst we don't know too much about her personal life (yet), she is clearly the apple of her mum's eye.
In an adorable public Facebook post for Kaitlyn's 26th birthday, her proud mum Tania Bunyan shared two photos of Kaitlyn during her childhood years - and it seems she's always been a blonde beauty.
"My darling daughter Kaitlyn is 26 today. I was 26 when I gave birth to her," Tania wrote in her caption.
"She is my one and only daughter and my mother's one and only granddaughter. We adore you Kaitlyn and wish you a lifetime of happiness & health."
What a cutie! (Facebook)
As for her professional life, according to Kaitlyn's LinkedIn profile she's currently working at real estate agency Ray White as a personal assistant and sales associate.
Before her current role, the blonde beauty worked as a boutique manager at lingerie store Honey Birdette.
She also studied at RMIT University and holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology - brains and beauty are a winning combo.
Kaitlyn has no time for drama, as seen in a jaw-dropping trailer. (Network Ten)
You may have also recognised Kaitlyn from a particularly explosive trailer when fellow contestant Roxi tells her to "shut up" and then storms off shouting: "You are trash, you are trash, you are trash. That's it. Your fake hair, your fake lashes, your fake tits."
But it doesn't seem like Kaitlyn will let the other girls rattle her as she simply responds: "I don't care."
Though her Instagram account is on private for now, we can't wait to go for a delve into her (most likely) stunning snaps.
We'll have to see if she and Locky go the distance...
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