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The Bachelor's triple-threat rose winner Nicole Campbell suffered a devastating blow right before she went on the show

She danced her way onto our screens, but things haven't always been smooth sailing for the 26-year-old.

By Jess Pullar
When Nicole Campbell walked up the red carpet to meet the 2020 Bachelor, you would have been hard pressed to think of much else.
Pulling up in a bright, multi-coloured costume, the 26-year-old was a standout among the 22 other women who also walked the very same red carpet.
Quickly teaching Locky some basic dance moves, we soon learned she was a professional dancer, and was obviously clearly passionate about her chosen career path.
At the first cocktail party, her charisma, flair and confidence clearly stuck out to Locky, who gave her the triple-threat rose - which gave her the opportunity to spend no less than three dates with Australia's most eligible reality star.
But while we're still yet to learn more about Nicole's full journey on the show, there's a lot more to her than just dancing.
Nicole was the first to recieve the triple threat rose after dancing her way onto the show. (Network Ten)

Who is Nicole Campbell from The Bachelor?

Nicole Campbell is a 26-year-old professional dancer from Sydney.
Her recent rise in the social media-sphere is largely due to her striking entrance on The Bachelor 2020, where she looks to be a shoo-in for Locky's heart.
She worked for Princess Cruises in her early 20s, with the job taking her across the world to places including Los Angeles, the Philippines and Manila.

But while her life looks the image of being young, wild and free, things haven't been smooth sailing for the talented NSW local.
In a heartbreaking incident in 2019, Nicole suffered an injury to her ankle, which left her unable to dance for eight months while she recovered, according to the Daily Mail.
The publication claims she had suffered "multiple torn ligaments" after "one roll of a stupid ankle".
The gorgeous 26-year-old had a rough 2019 after suffering a dane-related injury. (Instagram)
The Bachelor star focused heavily on recovery with one aim only: To dance again.
And while she had her sights set on getting back to full health, she's previously admitted that 2019 was a "tough year" for her and she suffered "multiple breakdowns" as a result of it.
We can't say we blame her given the multitude of years she'd put into her dancing.
Nicole is now back dancing again... right into Locky's arms. (Instagram)
Luckily, it appears she's now made a full recovery, as she very well proved in the premiere episode where she was filmed dancing up a storm at the first cocktail party.
The feat clearly caught Locky's eye, who dished her the very first triple-threat rose.

It looks like Nicole also works as a model part-time, going by her Instagram, which features a number of stunning shots of the reality star looking chic, yet entirely natural in front of the camera.
With a fellow reality star like Locky, we can't help but think these two would be the picture perfect match.
Well, so long as he scrubs up on his dance moves first...

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