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There's a reason why The Bachelor's Roxi is completely different to the other contenders

She's got the brains and the beauty.

By Alex Lilly
She's the tattooed beauty who's set to make an impression on Locky Gilbert, but there's more to The Bachelor's Roxy Kenny than meets the eye.
Roxi first rose to prominence on the show during the renowned photoshoot date when she and Rosemary (the contestant who dressed up as the penguin) posed together with the handsome Bachelor.
Though the scene involved Roxi and Locky shopping for rings, Rosemary took control in her role as the jewellery salesperson and 29-year-old Roxi confessed she "was not comfortable with girls getting so close to Locky."
But despite a little jealousy and a lot of tattoos, Roxi could be the confident, feisty and adventurous Ms Right that Locky is looking for.
As a mechanical engineer working for her parents' refrigeration and air conditioning business Air-Rite, Queensland based Roxi certainly has brains as well as beauty.
Working in a male-dominated industry was a struggle for her as well and the Bachelor contestant admitted to UN Environment that the hardest challenge she faced when she started working full-time at Air-Rite was when she'd find herself to be the only woman on the construction site.
"In the earlier stages of working in the industry, I would get harassed by other construction workers with inappropriate sexual comments and gestures, which made being on site extremely uncomfortable ... other times I found myself belittled over the phone by male builders when I would request information," she admitted.
Roxi is also halfway through a law degree and hopes it will help her with the contracts side of her job.
"I drive a beautiful BMW sports car and live in my own unit. On paper, I'm a catch!" the 29-year-old told Ten.
Roxi put a ring on it on the photoshoot date - but was upstaged by Rosemary. (Network Ten)
Roxi is also the proud dog mum to two-year-old caboodle Lottie, who even has her own Instagram page.
"Going through Lottie's photos, words can not describe how much I love this dog. She's the best," she captioned a post dedicated to Lottie on Instagram.
But when it comes to romance, Roxi says that she hasn't been on dates and isn't the most experienced when it comes to love.
"I don't go out to meet a lot of people, so I'm not putting myself out there enough," she confessed.
"On paper, I'm a catch!" (Network Ten)
Perhaps Roxi's most noticeable physical features are her many tattoos.
The blonde beauty has numerous designs, including some big floral arrangements inked on her arms, collarbones, legs, feet and even some cursive script on her booty!
She's not just a fan of them on herself either - Roxi is also skilled at inking tattoo designs on others and previously worked at Queensland's The Inker Tattoo Studio.
Roxi is a fan of tattoos - and she's an artist too. (Network Ten)
Drama is sure to follow when Roxi's around. Fans were given a sneak peek at an upcoming fiery argument between the 29-year-old tattooed beauty and intruder Kaitlyn Hoppe in a recent trailer.
"You are trash, that's it. Your fake hair, your fake lashes, your fake tits, whatever," an angry Roxi screams as she storms off, before adding that she "can't stand" Kaitlyn.
"If I am not involved, I usually try to stay out of it. If someone has a go at me, I will always stand my ground. I don't start arguments, I finish them," Roxi told Ten.
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