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We’ve reached peak Instagram with these sunset + bikini + puppy-clad profiles belonging to the 2020 Bachelor contenders

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Every year, Australia bears witness to a new set of stunning local lasses vying to steal the heart of one very lucky bloke.

Yes, The Bachelor is a television legacy Down Under that’s spanned more than seven years, with each season presenting a plethora of varied personalities.

2020’s cast are already proving to be no different – and you don’t even need to watch the show to know it.

Aiming to steal the heart of Locky Gilbert this season, we’ve got models, makeup gurus, travel enthusiasts and a lot of beach fans (or more accurately, beach photoshoot fans).

And while things can get a little same same when it comes to Instagram, each of these contenders are sure to bring their own unique personalities to the table.

If you fancy a little stalking sesh, we did the work for you and tracked down all the stunning women vying for that final rose.

Keep scrolling for peak Instagram content.


Steph – @stephanieshae, 1,600 followers.

According to her Instagram bio, Steph is a dreamer and sunseeker. ‘Nuff said.


Rosemary –, 1,600 followers.

“Your real is what makes you rare,” Rosemary’s bio states. You can’t argue with that – her profile sums it up!


Paige – @paigeyroyal, 11.7k followers.

Paige is hashtag #grateful most days going by her Instagram – plenty of sunsets, twirling around and activewear-clad walks to be seen here.


Nicole – @nicolegloria, 1,500 followers.

Nicole’s feed is clad with near-perfect model pics, but she mixes things up with some reality in-between. Quite the character, clearly!


Nadine – @nadinee__k, 1k followers.

Entrepreneur Nadine is a dog mum and fashion enthusiast – check out her gram for some risque style inspo.


Areeba – @reebzsyd, 2k followers.

This 25-year-old knows a thing or two about angles, selfies and some seriously bold outfits. Chuck her a follow for a colourful boost to your feed.


Marlaina – @marzy13, 1,500 followers.

A West Coast Eagles fan by day, professional wine drinker by night – with a bio like that, we’re here for this charismatic WA gal.


Zoe-Clare – @zoeclaremcdonald, 2,100 followers.

Zo-clare is a natural beauty – though her hair has enjoyed a little transition over the years. Throw a follow her way for a colour evolution.


Maddy – @madelyncarver_, 2k followers.

Maddy is a big fan of long walks, drinks with pals, pics by the ocean and statement walls. Peak Bumble profile material here, folks.


Bella – @bellavarelis, 22.9k followers.

Bella’s Instagram is a whole mood of minimal, scenic, aesthetically pleasing content – with a little fashion inspo to boot.


Leilani – @leilanivakaahi, 3,000 followers.

A Miss Universe Australia finalist, Leilani is a through and through stunner.


Juliette – @julietteherrera_, 2,000 followers.

Stylist, writer and creative, Juliette amalgamates the lot on Instagram.


Isabella – @izisgram, 1,500 followers

Isabella’s profile is rife with friends, family and puppies – what more could you want?


Irena – @irena_srbinovska, 900 followers.

Melbourne-based nurse Irena is another keen traveller – we can imagine her scenic adventures would be a shoo-in with Locky!


Gemma – @gemmaaa_white, 5k followers.

Ocean, bikinis and activewear. Gemma is all about showing off that luxurious life.


Clare – @clareellenlange, 800 followers.

Clare is clearly a beach bum at heart – her Instagram will tell you as much quick smart.

Bella 2

Bella – @belcolwell, 1,600 followers.

If wunderlust is your thing, Bella is your gal – chuck her a follow for some travel inspo (banked for when the borders reopen, of course…).

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