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Bachelor frontrunner Irena Srbinovska shares a surprising link with another iconic winner from a previous season

Never forget your roots.

By Jess Pullar
Irena Srbinovska was an immediate standout as she made her grand entrance on The Bachelor - and you didn't have to look far to see why.
Establishing a strong connection with Locky Gilbert almost instantly, Irena was pegged as a frontrunner to receive the final rose from the get-go.
But there's more to Irena than that - and given all signs point to her being this season's eventual winner, we had some more questions - one of which has revealed a surprise link to a past winner.
Irena has the brains and the beauty - according to the Daily Mail, she's a Macedonian native, and her roots are no doubt entrenched in culture from the South Eastern European country.
In the hometown visits, we'll no doubt see more of Irena embracing the culture with her family.
And interestingly, her heritage has also given rise to another unique link she shares with past Bachelor winner Snezana Wood - she is also Macedonian.
Snezana Wood, winner of season three of The Bachelor shares the same nationality with this year's front-runner Irena. (Instagram)
Yep, Snez stole the heart of Sam Wood, eventually marrying the Bachelor himself on season three of The Bachelor, with the couple going on to have two children together, Willow, two, and Charlie, one.
Given their raging success as a Bachelor poster couple, perhaps it's that Macedonian charm that'll stand Irena in good stead with this year's chosen bloke Locky?
Irena has been pegged as a winner from the very first episode. (Network Ten)
Irena quickly left an impression on Locky after pulling out a stethoscope during their very first cocktail party together and measuring Locky's heartbeat.
"I think I heard your heart skip a beat right there," Irena joked with her hands inside Locky's shirt.

Working as a nurse in Melbourne, Irena also has a caring side to her - something Locky clearly values.
"Life as a nurse is messy, challenging and an endless cycle of shift work, but it's also the most rewarding and inspiring job," Irena has said of her job previously.
She's also a big fan of the outdoors - and as a fellow passionate hiker, Irena and Locky certainly look to be perfectly suited to each other.

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