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Just when we thought we were getting a Bachie first, something broke between two of the main contenders

Between lockdown and getting back to the mansion, something broke.

By Jess Pullar
Ask anyone and they'll tell you that one of the most overused lines in the history of The Bachelor is this: "I didn't come here to make friends".
Yep, the premise of the show will tell you as much. 20-something women competing for the same guy's heart is bound to cause a little, er, competition.
But sometimes, just sometimes, the unlikely occurs.
If you were watching season eight of the much talked about reality show, you'll know that one Bella and Irena, aged 25 and 31, respectively, were case in point for this.
And perhaps more unlikely than any friendship that's stemmed from the show, the two have formed a connection whilst being the two major frontrunners for Locky's heart (just look to the bookies if you need proof).
That's why we were all the more impressed to see it play out on-screen.
In a show where female-on-female drama is perpetuated and thrown at us, it's refreshing to see something as pure as a friendship between two women, who clearly have both formed a connection with Locky, actually bring each other up.
Bella and Irena's friendship was refreshing to see on The Bachelor. (Network Ten)
But boy did things change.
While both were each other's biggest cheerleaders when it came to having successful single dates with Locky (both got roses, both got a kiss, you know the drill), things appeared to go south quick smart during lockdown.
In clips from upcoming episodes, it looks like Bella and Irena's friendship narrative comes to a crashing halt when they're reunited in the mansion - much to our hopeful dismay.
Bella admits it's not easy to see another woman go on a date with Locky. (Network Ten)
In confronting scenes, the pair appear to go head to head at the first cocktail party back at the mansion.
"Irena I just don't trust you anymore," Bella tells her while wiping away tears.
"I don't trust you," Irena responds.
"Then great, friendship done," Bella tells her before walking off.
Ahh. Just when we thought the show had managed to rise above the tired narrative pitting women against each other for the sake of a man...

Since the show premiered, both Bella and Irena jumped to the top of the lists of Bachie purists, predicting that they'd be the top two contenders for the final rose.
And while the final two are yet to be confirmed, we do know that both make it far - in pap pics obtained by the Daily Mail, both Bella and Irena are seen as part of the final five (sorry for the spoiler, but c'mon, we all knew that was coming).
So while the pair are certainly not looking like they'll make it out with a new bestie in tow, surely one will make it out with a shiny new boyfriend... Stay tuned.

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