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An insider just revealed a Bachelor finale twist so big it will make the Honey Badger’s ending sound like a walk through the roses


By Maddison Hockey
Every season The Bachelor is met with theories, rumours and telling clues surrounding the results of that fateful final rose ceremony.
As the finale of this year's season with Locky Gilbert looms tantalisingly close, one of the wildest theories yet has surfaced.
And, it suggests this finale will be the most chaotic yet. Yes. We're looking at you Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins because apparently Locky Gilbert may be about to dethrone you!
Nick couldn't decide between his finale two ladies and picked nobody! (Channel Ten)
While many fans believe frontrunner Irena Srbinovska has all but won the season, according a shock new report from the Daily Mail it won't be a clear cut happy ending.
Undisclosed sources have suggested to the publication that Locky is "rejected by his winner and then begs his heartbroken runner-up for another chance".
There are further rumours which alleged he's also rejected by his runner-up, who doesn't want to be his second choice, leading Locky to beg his winner to take him back, to which "she tentatively agrees."
Talk about the anti-Honey Badger. (Channel Ten)
We've already seen from the first trailer of the season that Locky finds himself torn between his final ladies declaring: "I'm in love with both of them. It's ripping me apart. You don't break up with someone that you love."
While it appears to be the antithesis to the Honey Badger's shock finale whereby he chose neither girl, this could prove to be MUCH more dramatic.
We're expecting a lot of tears. (Channel Ten)
The Bachelor Australia's executive producer Hilary Innes has teased, it will in fact be.
"Locky, by his own admission, falls in love with more than one girl," she told Media Week.
"Famously the Honey Badger couldn't choose someone, and now we have a Bachelor who has fallen in love with more than one girl, which is a first for us."
Last week, Channel 10 broke Bachelor protocol and for the first time in the show's Aussie history, issued a statement confirming Locky and his chosen one are still together.
"Locky and his chosen lady are still together and very happy," the network clarified.
Now To Love have reached out to Channel 10 for comment in regards to these latest claims.

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