The Bachelor Australia

All the clues which suggest Bella Varelis doesn't win The Bachelor, despite being pegged as a front-runner from the first episode

Seeya Locky.

By Jess Pullar
It is, as they say, crunch time, folks.
The Bachelor Australia is reaching the pointy end of the season, and it would be safe to say we've established two very clear front runners.
Because if you weren't aware of Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska, then you probably haven't been watching the show.
Yep, these two women have quickly established themselves as a shoo-in for Locky's final rose.
The evidence was clear - from Bella's fairytale-esque entrance (a classic Bachie winners gag if we ever saw one) to Irena's instant connection with the Survivor star - because like it or not, she is into hiking guys.
But of course, there is still the question of which of the two will actually end up with the Bachelor himself - we know for a fact that he picks one of 'em, and whichever one that is, he's still with them to this day.
Bella and Irena are the two clear frontrunners for Locky's final rose this week. (Network Ten)
If you've been keeping up with the news around the popular dating reality show, you'll likely have also come to realise there's a few clues that all but give us an answer.
And that answer seems clear - Bella doesn't win The Bachelor, despite those wistful looks of lust and snogging sessions under umbrellas.
We take a look at all the signs to suggest exactly why that is.

Pap pics of Bella since the show filmed

While it's completely normal for a gal to have a bunch of guy mates, it seemed a little suss when Bella was pictured with a fellow reality TV star (GoggleBox's Jad Nehmetallah).
The pair looked quite casual, and not outwardly flirty in the pics, but there's no denying that if Bella was about to become the next Bachie winner, we're pretty sure she'd be keeping a super low profile.
Which brings us to our next point.

Bella has also been papped with fellow cast-mate Bec

Bec Cvilikas was the late intruder who threw a grand old spanner in the works during Love in Lockdown.
The sporty 25-year-old had everyone talking during her first few kinda-natural-but-very-planned run-ins with Locky.
But whether she ever ended up with Locky or not, she's certainly come away from the show with a brand-new bestie.
In a series of pap pics obtained by the Daily Mail, Bec was seen out and about with Bella in Bondi, with it being rumoured they've now moved in together.
So, if Bella had won Locky's heart in the final episode, we'd be a little surprised to see her living with one of his exes from the show...
Bella's friendship with Irena might have ended, but it looks like she's found someone else to fill her Bachie gal pal quota. (Network Ten)

The "runner-up" sunflowers

We all love a conspiracy theory, and while this one's a little bit of a stretch, we just don't really want to ignore it.
During one of the Love in Lockdown episodes, Bella is seen in her apartment/house/AirBnB/whatever with a great big vat of sunflowers behind her.
To mirror the moment, you might remember The Bachelorette's runner-up last year, Timm Hanly, who had quite the thing for sunflowers.
A few months later, Bachelor in Paradise's Brittany Hockley actually left the island with Timm, but later revealed the relationship quickly took a turn after leaving the show.
However, before that information had come to light, fans were quick to spot the bright flower in the background of her Instagram stories.
Call it what you will, but it looks like we might be confirming one very happy Irena come Thursday evening... watch this space.
The curious case of the runner-up sunflowers continues... (Instagram)

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