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EXCLUSIVE: "She'll never forgive her betrayal": Irena and Bella's Bachie feud explodes

''They’re not friends and never will be.''

By Woman's Day team
They forged a close friendship among a sea of bickering and hostile women in the Bachelor Mansion, but insiders now tell Woman's Day there's no love lost between Locky's frontrunners Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska.
According to our insider, the quest for love turned the former friends into such severe enemies that they've avoided speaking to each other since filming wrapped earlier this year.
"The fallout began in lockdown – that's when they realised they were both getting close to Locky. They got back to the house and the jealousy just escalated tenfold," explains a source, who says Bella was convinced nurse Irena was jealous of her connection with Locky, 31, and was stirring up trouble behind her back.
Certainly, Bella didn't hold back on the show, going as far as to call Irena, 31, a "manipulative b*tch" in front of the other girls.
And while many fans felt the meltdown was uncharacteristic of Bella, the source says there's much more to the story.
There's no love lost between Bella and Irena. (Network Ten)
"Irena started to drive a wedge between Bella and the other girls – she would often say Bella was talking about them behind their backs and so on.
"It meant Bella was always defending herself and getting caught up in the drama," tells the insider, who says Bella has no plans of welcoming Irena back into her life.
Irena who? Bella has moved on and made close friends with intruder Bec. (Matrix)
"Bella will never forgive her betrayal. They're not friends and never will be," says the source, who reveals Bella has instead forged a close friendship with intruder Bec Cvilikas, 25.
Since meeting on the show, the pair are said to have plans to move in together.
The friends have even moved in together. (Matrix)

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