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The subtle clue in The Bachelor’s frontrunner Bella Varelis' video chat that might have just spoilt her outcome on the show

Blink and you'll miss it.

Despite The Bachelor taking a serious turn this week as the women in the mansion were informed of COVID pandemic and production going into lockdown, the show had to go on.
And, there's still a while to go with Locky continuing on his journey to find The One.
While some fans are happy watching along, many are eager for any tid-bit of information that may point to which lucky lady will be standing at the end with final rose in hand.
The latest clue to catch fans' attention has come in an unsuspecting bouquet of flowers.
During her recent video call, frontrunner Bella Varelis, was sat in her living room with a very bright bouquet of sunflowers clearly in screen.
Could this be a sign? (Instagram: So Dramatic)
Pointed out by the So Dramatic podcast, the bouquet could be a tell-tale sign Bella isn't the girl who wins Locky's heart.
Fans may recall sunflowers have appeared in two past Bachie contestants photos and videos before it was revealed that they didn't find love on the show.
The first was Timm Hanly, who was the runner-up on Angie Kent's season.
The second was Brittany Hockley, who after leaving Bachelor In Paradise with Timm, later revealed the relationship quickly took a turn after leaving the show. But, eager fans shad spotted the flowers in her photos and assumed it a clue the couple were still together.
Fans were in a frenzy over this sunflower spot in Brittany's video. (Instagram)
Whether its sheer coincidence, a stretch or a stunt to throw everyone off Bella's trail, Bachie fans will have to wait to find out.
It sure seems the stunning brunette won Locky over from the moment she entered the mansion, with the handsome Bachie instantly getting "lost in her eyes".
Before commenting that ""it felt very right with Bella".
That's a feeling that can't be faked.

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