The Bachelor Australia

Winners are grinners! Irena Srbinovska just let slip a HUGE Bachelor spoiler

Whoops, this is major!

By Bella Brennan
She made Locky Gilbert's heart skip a beat from the moment she first met him on the The Bachelor Australia.
And now, front-runner Irena Srbinovska has let slip a major clue which hints she's won Locky's heart.
Thanks to some super sleuthing from the So Dramatic! Instagram account, a sneaky comment left behind from the stunning nurse on Instagram has been unearthed - and it paints a very clear picture of a woman in love.
"I hope we get some more love story and less of the drama - I have stopped watching for now," a disgruntled fan complained on Instagram about this season's very drama-heavy plot line.
To which Irena responded: "The love story is coming I promise," accompanied with a smiling face with love-hearts emoji.
Yep, spoken like a true winner indeed!
Swipe across to see Irena's very telling comment

Meanwhile another fan was quick to point out Irena and her supposed best friend in the house Bella Varelis don't follow each other on Instagram.
"Notice how irena and bella don't follow each other on instagram... definitely means one of them wins so it is awkward now," @hattiecrowe noted.
While it's believed the final two women come down to Bella and Irena, the show's resident "boss babe" Areeba Emmanuel says there's no way Bella is the winner as that outcome would be "too obvious."
Instead, she has the Melbourne-based nurse tipped to win.
"Where is the suspense?" In all honesty, if I was making the show and Bella won, I would be like, 'oh okay,'" the home loan officer explained in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential column.
"I think Irena [will win]. I think Bella is too obvious, there is way too much connection already. Irena is a sweet girl," Areeba told the publication.
Irena's been tipped to be one of the top contenders to win Locky Gilbert's heart on this season of The Bachelor. (Image: Channel 10)
On last night's episode, Locky and Irena's love story finally started taking shape after the Bachelor picked her for a one-on-one fencing date which ended in a romantic kiss and a coveted rose.
"I could spend the rest of my life with you beating me at everything and it wouldn't even bother me, as long as you're with me and just keep being yourself," a loved-up Locky professed.
"It's such a weird feeling to have such a strong connection with someone so early, but Irena just makes me look into the future. She makes me want to have a life, have a family, have a relationship," the smitten adventurer added.
Sealed with a kiss: Locky and Irena shared their first smooch on Wednesday night's episode. (Image: Channel 10)