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Meet the Gilberts! We look at our Bachelor Locky's colourful family life

He's a mum's boy through and through.

By Alex Lilly
Locky Gilbert is gearing up to find a wife and have kids with his dream girl on The Bachelor, but what about his own family?
It's safe to say that 31-year-old Locky is a bit of a mummy's boy, which in our books is a big tick.
For his recent birthday, the 2020 Bachelor spent the day in his hometown of Perth and visited "the OG girl in his life."
"I thought I'm come and see the original girl in my life for my birthday - my beautiful mum," he said in an Instagram Story, before giving her a sweet cuddle and kiss.
Locky (right) says his mum is "the OG girl in his life." (Instagram)
In a previous chat with Who, Locky admitted that his mum and sister had their reservations about his decision to be the Bachelor.
"My mum and sister were pretty nervous about it. They were worried that there's all this stuff about your personal life that comes out on The Bachelor and they were worried for me. They were also worried that I'd embarrass them," he confessed.
"My mum gets embarrassed super-easily so she was concerned. I think they're happy about it now, though."
Though we don't know too much about Locky's elder sister, she made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo during his time on Australian Survivor: All Stars when she sent her little brother a letter and photo from home.
Locky has an older sister who sent her little bro a message from home when he was on Survivor. (Network Ten)
Locky's parents also fostered some core values in him that still translate to him today as an adult.
The adventure travel guide may have visited some exotic locations and starred on two seasons of the hit show Survivor, but in an exclusive video interview with Now To Love Locky admitted that he has his dad to thank for his first job.
And what was said glamorous first job?
"Picking up dog poop at my dad's wrecking yard," he shared.
He also added that when it comes to timing, he's not someone to turn up late or bang on time.
"I am early to everything, my mum instilled that in me. I was like an hour early to every soccer practice so that was fun," he joked.
Bachelor Locky is ready to get married and have kids of his own. (Network Ten)
Locky has made no secret of the fact he's ready to settle down and start his own family.
"I want marriage and kids, 100 per cent," Locky told Who ahead of the season premiere, despite admitting he's a big kid himself.
"But I also want someone who has drive and ambition and who's up for an adventure – but that doesn't mean she has to jump out of planes with me!"
Perhaps we'll be seeing a family of adrenaline junkies in the coming years!
This article originally appeared on our sister site, WHO.

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