A nurse and a nature fiend: We pinpoint the exact moment Locky and Irena fell head over heels for each other

It all began with a stethoscope.

By Jess Pullar
As soon as Irena Srbinovska pulled out a stethoscope to measure Locky Gilbert's heartbeat, we knew he was toast.
The Bachelor pair struck up an instantaneous connection on the reality dating show, with the Survivor star seemingly lovestruck by the Melbourne nurse's gentle personality and down-to-earth nature.
As the season progressed, both single and group dates saw their connection grow stronger (aided by some pretty lengthy pashing session in-between).
Now, as the finale draws closer, it looks as though Irena is a shoo-in for Locky's final rose (if you needed any evidence, just take a gander here).
So, to mark what looks to be the beginning of quite the love story, we round up the Bachelor poster couple's journey so far in pictures.