Bachelor in Paradise

Rumours suggest this is the most successful season yet, but which Bachelor in Paradise couples from season 3 are actually still together?

A thorough investigation.

By Jess Pullar
Season three of Bachelor In Paradise has quickly proved itself to be its most explosive season yet.
A fiery spat between exes, the quick elimination of resident golden girl (Abbie, obvs) and no less than three guys threatening to walk out all in the space of the first four episodes is pretty much case in point to prove this lot weren't there to muck about with spiders.
But of course, what we really love about this show isn't anything to do with the ridiculously high tensions and nasty couple switcheroos.
Nope, we're here to see if these sorrowful singles actually find love - and if the rumours are anything to go by, appaz quite a few of them do.

So, which Bachelor in Paradise season 3 couples are still together?

If you've been keeping up with the show (and we wouldn't blame you if you'd gotten a little confused with all the he-said-she-said palava), you might have noticed we've got some serious front runners in the couple department.
And no, we're firmly denying the validity of these so-called 'friendship' roses - honestly, what kind of friend allies with you only to turn their back on you at the first sign of an actual love interest?
It's also important to bear in mind that filming occurred seven months ago, which is a lot of time for a couple to meet, fall in love, talk marriage, potentially even propose, break up and reference said break up with cryptic Instagram posts and 'accidentally' snogging randoms at bars.
These are reality stars after all.
But with that being said, we've got high hopes for the alums of season three. Keep scrolling as we thoroughly investigate what's happened between filming and now.

Alisha and Glenn: On like donkey kong!

If the sleuths of reality watching land are to be believed (and we reckon they're pretty legit), it looks like Paradise's poster couple are in with a grin - to this very day!
Fan Instagram account @Bachiefunny did some investigative work to point out that a promo for the season finale depicts a guy and a gal who have silhouettes rather familiar to those of Alisha and Glenn.
The blurry silhouettes cannot be made out in hi-res, but there's no mistaking these two - and going by their instant chemistry following Alisha's initial arrival in Paradise, things look very hopeful.
Is that a Glenn and Alisha we see...? (Instagram)

Britt and Timm: Splitsville

In perhaps the biggest, yet most serendipitous surprise of all, Britt and Timm's hook up in Paradise left us giddy as they showed early signs of success.
When the show premiered in July, Britt shared a hint via her Instagram story featuring Timm's signature flower - sunflowers - along with a caption.
"What a night. With everything happening in the world right now, it was nice to forget for a hot second and just have a good old belly laugh."
Then, she sneakily added: "Lucky to have such great people in my life."
Cute right? Well... not exactly.
A couple of days later, the Daily Mail shared a bunch of pap pics of Timm Hanly looking very cosy with his on-again off-again girlfriend of several years.
Then, when the pair exit from Paradise aired, it quickly became apparent that the worst had, indeed, happened.
Explaining the situation to Now To Love, Britt confirmed: "Basically he ghosted me for the last eight months [since filming wrapped]. He treated me poorly when I think abut it, but I hold no grudges."
Indeed the stunning brunette took the break up like a champ, revealing that she was happy he appeared to be back with his former love.
It was good while it lasted... (Network Ten)

Jessica and Ciarran: Donezo

Unless you were hiding under a rock, you'll have been subjected to the full-blown face-sucking fest that was Ciarran and Jessica for a hot minute on the show.
Yep, there's no doubt these two were very into each other - that surfboard scene was enough to nauseate/convince us all.
But did they last the distance? That'd be a hard no.
In episode six, viewers were a little confronted by how quickly old mate Ciarran decided to drop Jessica as soon as newcomer Kiki Morris walked in.
That said, it seems the pair are still amicable.
In an interview with Now To Love post-Paradise, Jess said there was "no bad blood" between the two.
"We're on a mutual ground," she said.
Things got very hot and heavy between Ciarran and Jess, until one Kiki Morris walked in. (Network Ten)

Ciarran and Kiki: Oh it's ON... for a little while anyway

Kiki Morris made many a head turn when she entered Paradise stage left - but none more so than Ciarran Stott, who, as we prefaced above, was willing to drop everything to be with her.
The pair quickly struck up a fiery romance, and if their post-show movements are anything to go by, it looks like they make it through to the end.
Our favourite pro-sleuth @BachieFunny pointed out the feat when he shared a brief timeline of the pair's activities in the weeks after filming wrapped.
On November 3 (apparently a week after returning from Paradise), the pair were spotted kissing and hanging out in Sydney (pics of the elusive act were revealed via DMs).
The fan account then points out the pair were "all over social together" for weeks... until they weren't.
All went quiet on their front from January.
So perhaps it was a Christmas fling and nothing more? Either way, we certainly haven't yet seen the last of them on Paradise...

Sparks flew on Ciarran and Kiki's first date. (Network Ten)

Mary and Connor: Where there's smoke, there's... something?

We have one simple request here - please give us more air time to the budding romance between Mary and Conor.
When the pair met each others friends and family in the penultimate episode, our hearts literally felt like they might burst.
And when Mary admitted that she was in love with Conor, we basically busted into confetti.
So are they still together, eight months after filming?
We're happy to confirm that all sings point to yes (!).
@BachieFunny pointed out another telling detail that suggests things are going strong between the pair.
Sharing some snaps of Mary back in February having what looks to be a wholesome Valentine's Day over in Hobart, the fan account pointed out that there was only one Bachelor from the show who lives there - Conor.
The fan account also shared a series of screen shots of private messages from Tasmanian locals who all claim to have spotted the pair together.
Given Tasmania's strict border controls at the moment, we reckon there's only one reason Mary might be spending lockdown there...
Stay tuned!
Are these two personified rainbows still together? Time will tell... (Network Ten)

Renee and Matt: All signs say nope

For anyone still gunning for Renee and Matt on Bachelor in Paradise, you might have to brace yourselves for a little disappointment.
While neither have given us any suggestion as to whether they're still together eight months after filming, another reality star seemed to be in on the goss.
Yep, the elusive Jessika Power from Married at First Sight revealed on the podcast So Dramatic! that Matt is now dating another reality star (don't worry, our brains are also racing to catch up on this one...).
"He's dating Kim Hartnett from Love Island," Jessika explained.
And before you wonder how on earth Jessika Power fits into this whole schmozzle, it's because she and Matt actually dated right up until he left for Paradise.
"Yeah, he dumped me for Paradise, 100 per cent," Jessika said.
Ouch, looks like these two didn't make it further than Fiji... (Network Ten)

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