EXCLUSIVE: Felicity spirals out of control as she stops at nothing to prove her father was murdered in the explosive final week of Home and Away

''When she starts to drink it only amplifies her anger and depression.''
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At odds with her brother over her father’s tragic death, Felicity decides to drown her sorrows in a spiral of self-pity this week – and no one will get in her way.

On the beach, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane enjoy spending time together until a text from her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) changes her mood.

Their father’s memorial is approaching, and Cash has made plans to visit his gravesite. Felicity, however, wants nothing to do with it. Despite his death being ruled as a suicide, Felicity believes he was murdered.

Felicity fires up at Jasmine and orders her to “back off!”, before partying on.


“She believes her dad was murdered because her dad would never choose to leave his children,” Felicity tells TV WEEK. “So in her mind someone must have killed him.”

With no luck getting through to his sister, Cash leaves town for the memorial – leaving Felicity to spiral out of control. Jasmine plays the role of babysitter attempting to keep Felicity’s antics to a minimum as she traipses through town intoxicated.

When she’s not looking, Felicity wanders off with a group of unknown men. Fed up, Jasmine attempts to drag her away but Felicity fires up and orders her to “back off!”, before partying on.

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“Felicity’s mental state is slowly deteriorating,” Jacqui explains. “She is in denial, and hurt. When she starts to drink it only amplifies her anger and depression.

“So in this moment she says a lot of things she will soon regret.”

Later, Jasmine relays her night to Cash over the phone. The policeman is worried about his sister and what he’s just discovered about their father might send her over the edge…

“Felicity’s mental state is slowly deteriorating.”


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