The best behind-the-scenes moments from the Home and Away set this year

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There aren’t many things more wholesome than a home cooked meal and a good book before turning in early. But if you’re really getting technical here, Home and Away takes the cake as one of life’s wholesome, consistent, and quality content-providing additions – and boy are we grateful for it.

The cast are case in point. Not only do they bring us plenty of drama, chemistry and intrigue on-screen, but they’re just as tight in real life.

Take Georgie Parker for example – just a quick glance at her Instagram will prove the stars of the show are not only her colleagues, but they’re her closest pals too.

There’s no denying it, each time one of the soap’s beloved cast members posts a picture from the set, you can bet we’re flocking to get an insight into their unique relationships and dynamics.

And so, as another year of filming gets underway, we decided to put all of the pictures in one place – just so you can see it all for yourself.

Keep scrolling as we look at how these Home and Away stalwarts are one big happy family. Lots of wholesome content ahead!


Ada Nicodemou

This summer, the bay may not see the bluest skies thanks to La Niña, but on the days they do, it seems there will be a lot of revelling under the sun.

Ada Nicodemou shared a post celebrating on set with Emily Symons and Ray Meagher on one such fair-weathered day.

She posted a picture with her colleagues taking a break on set, which she captioned, “The sun finally came out 🌞 @homeandaway.”

Her good friend and co-star, Lynne McGranger, commented, “Gorgeous 😍.”


Ada Nicodemou

Ada shared some insight into her acting process by taking a car selfie holding a sheet of paper with her lines. She wrote alongside the post, “Learning lines in the car 🚗 😀.”


Sam Frost

Sam Frost couldn’t help herself when she made cheeky fun of her co-star Nicholas Cartwright during rehearsals.

On her Instagram story, she shared a video of Nicholas arriving in crutches, and a woman can be heard saying, “Well done Nicholas, here for the last ten minutes,” and a man says, “Sounds like I am doing better than you.”

The actor replied, “Yeah, everyone is doing better than me, mate.” But, of course, Sam can be heard losing it in the background, and when Nicholas reposted her video in his caption, he sarcastically wrote, “Most supportive colleague award goes to…”

However, the fun didn’t end there! Sam shared a second video of the Summer Bay policeman attempting to climb stairs with his crutches. In the background, the blonde actor mocks, “Ohhhhww, what’s he gonna do?” as she laughs and snorts.

Nicholas can be heard murmuring, “A supportive work environment here.”

Watch the hilarious videos below.

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Nicholas Cartwright on crutches and Sam Frost makes fun of him


Home and Away

The gang is back! Ada Nicodemou posted this selfie with Emily Symons, Matt Evans, and the Home and Away crew to celebrate being back on location after Sydney’s lockdown.

Ada captioned the joyful picture, “Back with the gang on location @homeandaway.”


Home and Away wedding

Tori and Christian’s gorgeous wedding was a love-filled on-screen affair, and the behind-the-scenes moments were just as sweet.

Sam Frost took to her Instagram to share a picture of Penny McNamee getting a costume hairpiece placed on her head. The actor captioned the snap, “STUNNING.”

For her next post, she shared an image of Ditch Davey in a rock star pose while his shirt collar was attended to, and she wrote, “Rockstar @ditchdaveyofficial.”


Behind the Scenes Home and Away

Emily Symons shared a few pictures from the day on her Instagram. She included a group snap of her castmates in their wedding garbs.

She captioned the post, “Our boys @jamesstewart @ditchdaveyofficial looking 💯 in their suits! More wedding to come on Monday night 7pm @channel7 💕💗💙💒.”


Emily Symons BTS

Emily also posted this adorable picture with Ada Nicodemou and Penny.

“Someone’s getting married 💕 Here we are with the beautiful bride @penny.mcnamee in between scenes on her big day… probably talking about food and thinking about arranging a coffee run as usual ☕️,” she wrote.

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Behind the scenes of Home and Away’s wedding


Wedding Home and Away

Home and Away’s makeup artist Laura Vazquez shared a beautiful picture of Penny, Ada, and James Stewart from the big day of filming.


Penny McNamee wedding

The whole cast looked like they had the famous wedding glow brides are known for donning.


Sam Frost Nicholas Cartwright

Co-stars who banter together make television magic together! Sam Frost shared a behind-the-scenes video filmed by Nicholas Cartwright of the actors joking about Sam’s facial hair.

Nicholas is behind the camera in the Instagram story as he films Sam, but the 32-year-old quickly warns him not to film so close to her face because she’s rocking a monobrow and moustache.

“Don’t do it took close to my face. I’ve got lots of facial hair,” says Sam as Nicolas laughs in the background.

Sam captioned the video, “@_nicholascartwright my monobrow &moustache is too hectic to be filming that close.”

Watch the hilarious moment below.

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Sam Frost and Nicholas Cartwright banter on set of Home and Away


Georgie Parker

The Home and Away cast reunited during Sydney’s lockdown. Actor Lukas Radovich shared a post on his Instagram story from what seems to be a script read over video. The star zoomed in on his co-star Georgie Parker who brought her cat along for the read. Georgie soon reposted the moment, and the way she is gazing at her fur baby is absolutely adorable.

Watch a sneak peek inside the Home and Away script read below.

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Georgie Parker and Home and Away cast video chat

Paddy and Harley

It was the crash that shocked Home and Away fans in the mid-season finale, but that didn’t stop actors Paddy O’Connor (Dean) and Harley Bonner (the new doctor in town) from having a little fun on-set.

After the series returned to air this week, Paddy shared this bloody behind-the-scenes photo with his rescuer.

“The man has arrived! What an entrance,” he wrote on Instagram.

Kawakawa Fox Reo

Also caught up in the dramatic crash, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) takes a cheeky BTS snap from the set in the Canberra region of Yass.

Emily, Sam, JR and Courtney

It was the explosion that shocked Summer Bay in June, but back on-set it was all-smiles from Emily Symons, Sam Frost, Jaime Robbie Reyne and Courtney Miller.


Georgie Lukas

Aunty and Nephew… on screen that is. Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich grin widely for the cameras.



Happy Monday indeed – the stars of the show are always camera ready for another week’s work.


Lynne Sam

Lynne McGranger and Sam Frost were all smiles as they wrapped up on set in February.


Georgie Patrick Emily

The Summer Bay locale are always camera ready… even behind the scenes.


Patrick Lukas

Patrick O’Connor and Lukas Radovich share a smile on-set.


Georgie Emily Lukas

Georgie Parker and Emily Symons share a special bond… and Lukas Radovich clearly wants in.


Emily Ditch

Who doesn’t love a little Thursday evening catch up? Emily Symons shared this cute BTS snap with co-star Ditch Davey as they filmed evening scenes at the iconic Diner.



Sam Frost was rearing to go on day one of 2021 – the former Bachelor star had a quick hair touch up before another year of playing the effortlessly chic Jasmine.

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Home And Away’s 2021 Promo



Emily Symons was also in for a quick spruce before getting things underway for 2021. “First day back! Let’s go,” she wrote with a sneaky selfie taken in the hair and makeup chair.


John-Paul & Patrick

Playing resident Summer Bay copper is John-Paul Jory, who has been on the show as a regular cast member for a number of years. While his role isn’t necessarily a big one, the actor has bonded no less with the cast. He shared this throwback picture after his first day back on set for 2021. “Happy New Years to all! First scene of the year done, and also means 10 years since I first walked into the studio as Constable Murray for @homeandaway!” He wrote. “Loved every minute of those years with the cast and crew, popping my head in and just being part of the production.”

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Home and Away confirm Dan Ewing’s return to Summer Bay

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