Home and Away

Anna May Samson shares a retrospective from her first days on the iconic Home & Away set

The actress made her screen debut on Home and Away this month.

By Jess Pullar
It's one thing to be a successful actress, but it's another thing when you can claim you've been on one of Australia's most beloved soaps.
Clearly, Anna May Sampson was feeling exactly the sentiment after sharing a throwback picture from her first days on the set of Home and Away.
The British born actress shared a Polaroid of her Home and Away beginnings to Instagram last night, with fans poring over the behind the scenes insight.
"From a while ago now. First week on set. Makeup Polaroid. First glimpse of Mia," Anna wrote in the caption.

Anna's supportive friends, who are obviously chuffed for their pal's glamorous new gig, flocked to the unique image with excitement.
One wrote, "Exciting babe!"
Another added: "Congratulations! Very exciting."
And as Anna's scenes on the show gain more traction, so too does her follower count. One fan wrote to the actress, "Loving your scenes so far".
Anna plays the character Mia on the hit soap. (Channel Seven)
Anna plays the intriguing character of Mia, Ari's ex-girlfriend who's showed up to Summer Bay with a teen daughter.
Sam and Ari were dating prior to his imprisonment, which means there's plenty of unfinished business between these two.
That could, of course, be a little awkward given Ari is already dating Mackenzie.
The British actress plays an ex-girlfriend of Ari, who is already dating Mackenzie. (Instagram)

As for Mia's daughter, Chloe, the character also looks set to make waves after she and Ryder (played by Lukas Radovich) were spotted kissing on set.
So whether you're a fan of Mia and Chloe's characters yet or not, it looks like these two are really only just getting started.
And hopefully throughout their journey we get plenty more behind the scenes insights.

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