Back to The Bay! Home and Away stars share behind-the-scenes snaps as they return to filming for 2021

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Home And Away‘s beloved stars have officially returned to set for 2021 – and right on cue, we’re again subject to some ogle-worthy behind-the-scenes moments.

The show’s production, which took a short hiatus over the Christmas period, returned to business as usual on January 11, with the stars of the show getting stuck into things straight away by the looks of things.

On Monday, several of the show’s cast members shared their first day back at work on social media.

Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, led the pack. Taking to her Instagram stories, she posted a snap from the makeup room, and wrote: “We’re back, yewww!”

She continued: “I’m so happy to be back at work. First things first… lets get these roots done.”

Sam shared a pic back at the Home and Away studios.


The former Bachelor star looked fresh faced and ready for another year of work.

Another actor anticipating a big return to set was Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene on the show.

Posting a picture of her character Irene looking quite smug, the actress comically wrote: “I may look calm but I have to go back to work tomorrow and inside I’m like 😬😱🤣.”

Lynne shared a humorous post about her feelings towards returning to work.


Meanwhile Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, also shared a glam BTS snap from the dressing room.

Sitting in the hair and makeup chair, Emily wrote: “First day back! Let’s go.”

There’s no denying these starlets have a big year ahead, now if we could just channel their energy a little ourselves we’d all be just as pumped about returning to work…

Bring on 2021!

Emily Symons also shared a back to work snap.


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