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The return date for Home And Away’s 2021 season has been revealed, so start counting down the literal seconds

24 days, 11 hours and about 10 minutes to be exact.

By Maddison Hockey
Last year's Home And Away season finale may have left much to be desired in the drama department but that hasn't stopped fans eagerly awaiting the show's 2021 return.
Wrapping up at the start of December last year, it's already been a painstakingly long month for Summer Bay devotees.
The wait is almost however, with Channel Seven this morning confirming the soap's official premiere date for 2021 is Monday February 1st.
The best part of last year's finale? Ziggy and Tane. (Channel Seven)
Last year's drama, which saw new friends and familiar faces arrive in town, illicit affairs play out, heartbreaking goodbyes said (RIP Robbo), plenty of romances forged and of course, one of the biggest shock twists revealed as Willow confessed to being Witness X, will undoubtedly be hard to top.
But, judging from this year's teaser it's already living up to the challenge.
Here's what we know of the new season so far...
Sparks were flying between Jas and Lewis. (Channel Seven)
After running into former flame Lewis while visiting Colby in jail, sparks start flying for Jasmine. And in the new teaser, it's confirmed the old friends quickly become an item sharing longing glances and steamy kisses.
Jasmine isn't the only one finding herself entangled in a new romance. Following on from Ziggy and Tane's steamy romp in the finale tensions are still at an all-time high between the couple.
We also see our first glimpse of McLeod's Daughters star Bridie Carter who's flirting up a storm with John – look out Marilyn!
Bridie Carter joins the Bay. (Channel Seven)
Even MORE love is on the sparkling Summer Bay horizon, in this instance for possibly the most deserving character on the show – Tori.
"You, me, Grace as a family," Christian says to Tori, who simply responds: "What are you saying?"
He gives her a very telling look, that says to us it's all but confirmed he's popping the question!
OMG! (Channel Seven)
Finally, but most importantly, we see beloved River Boy Heath Braxton aka Dan Ewing is officially returning.
We're internally squealing. So much to look forward to and now we have the date to match.

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