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Sam Frost revives her isolation diary as she locks down following Home And Away filming in coronavirus hot spot Palm Beach

We’ll be living our iso through Sam’s iso diary.

By Maddison Hockey
Here we are again, folks, at the mercy of another COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent restrictions put in place to keep us all safe.
Christmas plans across the nation have been thrown into disarray as we await further updates on a possible spread of the outbreak.
With the northern beaches in full lockdown, some of our Home And Away favourites look to be isolating, having been filming in hot spot, Palm Beach, up until Friday last week.
Trying to look on the brighter side of a bad situation, the lockdown has sparked the return of Sam Frost's iso diary.
A highlight of this year's lockdown, we previously rounded up some of the Summer Bay star's most hilarious diary entries.
The cutest iso-buddies. (Instagram)
Taking to Instagram over the weekend the 31-year-old revived her series, sharing snaps with three dogs including beloved pup, Greg.
"#samisodiaries "Christmas Edition" I referenced my three friends a fair bit in my previous iso diaries. Now you can put a face to the name," she wrote as she shared a cute snap of the dogs.
She then shared another giglle-worthy Instagram story of her dogs eagerly following her every move around the house.
Sam's back at her hilarious posts. (Instagram)
"Me: ^moves slightly^
"My three friends: oi where are you going?", she captioned the pic.
The cheeky musings of the mundane day-to-day that comes with life in isolation really did help brighten our last lockdown, so if we're about to endure it all over again, at least we have this.
Summer Bay overcame restriction in March. (Instagram)
The Home And Away cast shared numerous snaps of their last week filming.
Exactly how the lockdown has impacted all of its stars is yet to be confirmed.
Channel Seven has been contacted for comment.

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