Home and Away

All the hilarious times Sam Frost's isolation diary has given us life while in lockdown

''Can dreadlocks be brushed out?''

By Maddison Hockey
There are a million reasons we adore Home And Away actress Sam Frost.
From her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to now we've come to love the 31-year-old's bubbly disposition, down-to-earth nature and sense of humour.
But, of everything, it's Sam's hilariously candid and oh-so-relatable "iso diary" that is fast becoming our favourite thing about the star.
Since going into lockdown under COVID-19 pandemic restrictions Sam has been sharing musings of the mundane day-to-day that comes with life in isolation.
While many celebs have shared videos and photos going stir-crazy, Sam's constant updates are much more relatable and often leaving us giggling a little too much.
It's not unlike Sam to poke fun at herself and share unfiltered glimpses into her day.
Just this week the Home And Away star announced she is the cover star for Women's Health Germany this month, then following the news up with a hilarious Instagram V reality snap.
We've rounded up Sam's funniest isolation diary moments below.
Like many of us, Sam wanted to find a way to keep up her fitness while trapped inside.
Can you hire a handyman if something breaks down while in isolation? It doesn't matter, because Sam's got the answer: try the age-old tactic of turning it off and on again.
The washing machine may have started working again, but it turns out Sam didn't need to use it urgently.
The star leaving her clean clothes crumpled in a pile is big iso-energy. Where are we going that we'd need to wear them anyway?
Ah, the things you start to ponder while alone at home…
We haven't stopped online shopping while in isolation, so we can really relate to unwrapping a new purchase only to wear it while doing household chores.
At least we look fabulous on our Zoom meetings.
There's a very fine line between going au natural and completely neglecting our beauty routines in lockdown, but we think Sam may have crossed it.
Yep, definitely crossed it.
This clip of Sam enlisting her friends' help to remove a rogue hair extension with pliers (!!!) is one of the more concerning beauty isolation hacks we've seen.
Maybe don't try this at home.
After tackling her hair with success, Sam moved onto her brows.

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