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Home & Away’s Ada Nicodemou just dropped a sneaky behind-the-scenes bombshell and frankly we’re shaken

Wait, what?

By Maddison Hockey
The Home And Away cast are more than just co-stars, they're the closest of friends.
The bonds formed on the Summer Bay set are known to last long after its stars have left the iconic shores - many of the actors often share sweet snaps together from behind-the-scenes as well as away from work.
But there's a tiny detail fans may or may not have picked up on, that Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah on the show, has now confirmed.
And honestly, it's got us rattled.
The Home And Away cast are close-knit. (Instagram)
If you follow the show's stars you may have noticed many regularly share photographs with the same group of co-stars.
"Even though we work on the same show, we don't do a lot of scenes together @paddy.oco @homeandaway," Ada shared on Instagram alongside a photo with Patrick O'Connor, who plays Dean, on the show.
Despite not filming together Paddy and Ada are buds. (Instagram)
Sadly, some of the cast rarely cross paths while filming as their character's storylines don't often overlap.
Penny McNamee and Sarah Roberts, who play Tori and Willow, respectively, revealed a similar story at this year's Australian Women's Weekly Women Of The Future event.
"We don't actually get to do that many scenes together but she's [Penny] always checking in with me which I love," Sarah revealed.
Penny and Sarah spoke to their friendship at the event. (Supplied)
The duo had nothing but warmth and praise for one another as they discussed the close friendship they'd managed to form regardless.
"I feel like we bonded really quickly because we got on set and I feel like our priorities are not necessarily all about acting, we've got outside lives and things we care about," Penny added.
With each character tied to one another in different ways – closely or otherwise - we can't imagine filming in separate locations and different days is stopping all of the cast from forming life-long friendships.
But, the image we had of them all catching up after a long day on set together is looking a little different now...

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