Stunning celebs without make-up

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Straight off the plane, Angelina Jolie looks fresh and make-up free! The star reportedly keeps her skin glowing with full body treatments and facials using La Prairie’s high-end caviar-based cosmetics. Fancy!

Cameron Diaz’s beautiful skin gives her a flawless look even without make-up. But when she hits the red carpet she always opts for Hollywood Glamour and can be seen wearing Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick in Gabrielle.

At 47-years-old Demi Moore seems to get more attractive with age. The actress often looks stunning on the red carpet and reportedly uses a combination of honey treatments for her skin and olive conditioners for her hair.

Elle “The Body” Macpherson keeps her tanned skin fresh and clean by applying sun screen daily. It has been reported that the model has a quick 10 minute skin care routine which includes cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing her face. Her clear skin can also be put down to the large amounts of water she drinks.

Stunning supermodel Giselle Bundchen has a make-up free face that most women dream about! Her beauty secret? “Always, always powder your T-zone,” the model said in a interview with Elle Magazine. She also admitted she gets pimples and blemishes!

Super model Heidi Klum cleared her face of make-up on US television to promote her anti-aging skincare line. Her products focus on exfoliation, hydration, wrinkle reduction, lifting, firming, and pore minimizing.

When Jennifer Aniston hits the red carpet for movie premiers, her straight hair and flawless skin often get her all the attention. She keeps her skin glowing by using an oil-free foundation and keeps her hair shiny with products for hair subject to heat styling.

Free from make-up, Jennifer Garner’s skin still looks flawless. The actress has revealed she believes it’s never too early to use eye cream!

Katie Holmes hit headlines when she stepped out with her bob haircut. The style and colour of her hair did her face and eyes wonders, even when she stepped out make-up free!

It has been reported that in order to stop the signs of aging, Madonna uses Israeli creams made from Dead Sea minerals.

The creams use natural salts and minerals from the Dead Sea and claim to offer rejuvenating effects.

Nicole Kidman manages to keep her skin looking healthy by simply staying out of the sun. The actress is often spotted wearing hats to shelter her face from the harsh premature aging effects the sun can have on skin.

Renee Zellweger is a fan of giving her skin room to breath! It has been reported that before hitting the red carpet the actress undergoes a three-hour oxygen and milk facemask which rids skin of blemishes and keeps skin looking young and fresh.

Even without make-up Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have a glow about her. When she is wearing make-up the star opts for shimmering neutrals including copper-brown and salmon cream shadows, bronzer and nude lipstick.

Eva Longoria Parker has declared she wants to look like Demi Moore when she is her age. The actress believes in all round health impacting the look of her skin. She is also a firm believer in moisturising.

When she is make-up free Jessica Simpson’s make-up obsession is lip-gloss. The singer always opts for full pouty, sexy lips.

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