My hairdresser told me to wash my hair twice a week. This dry shampoo got me through it

Crisis averted.
girl with long brown hair poses showing pretty locks after using dry shampoo

As anyone with oily hair knows, scheduling your hair wash days in accordance with your social calendar is the key to looking and feeling your absolute best. After all, we wouldn’t want to be stuck with limp, dirty-looking hair for a big occasion.

So, when my hairdresser flippantly informed me I needed to cut my regular washes to just two days a week – for the longevity of my hair colour and hair health –  I damn near fell off the salon chair.

Prior to that, I was on a strict second-day wash system, and even that was a stretch. My hair only looked good on the first day, and anything that followed was a greasy-looking mess. To stretch it even further was unthinkable.

But once the panic left my system and I could think clearly, I realised my only saving grace during this period would be dry shampoo. Not just any dry shampoo, but one that would suit my dark oily hair.

And after endless scrolling and combing through reviews online, I finally found one that would work for my hair type; Batiste’s Dark Dry Shampoo. Below, my full and honest review.

Batiste’s Dark Dry Shampoo review verdict

  • Our rating: 8 of 10
  • Why we rated it an 8/10: It does what it promises; no white residue, great oil absorption and blends well.


  • Adds instant volume and body to your locks
  • Tinted for dark hair, meaning no pesky white residue
  • Blends well and gives hair an instantly clean look


  • Leaves scalp itchy if not blended well
  • It’s not the same as washing your hair, so hair is still dirty
  • The brown tint may leave behind marks

What’s so special about Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo?

The reason Batiste’s Dark Dry Shampoo stood out to me was because it was specifically targeted for dark hair, meaning no white residue – an issue I faced in the past with other formulas. Other key features that stood out were:

  • You can choose between two sizes: 200ml or 350ml
  • Has mild notes of bergamot, jasmine, vanilla bean, and musk
  • Specially formulated to instantly refresh dark tresses, gently removing oil and leaving hair looking clean
  • Suitable for anyone with shades on the dark hair spectrum – colour-treated or natural
  • Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 6,287 reviewers on Amazon

How to use dry shampoo

  • Step 1: Shake the can vigorously and spray onto the roots, keeping the nozzle 30cm from your hair
  • Step 2: Blend into your hair by massaging through with your fingertips
  • Step 3: Brush your hair and style as usual

Results from our test

While nothing can beat the feeling of freshly washed and styled hair, the Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo comes fairly close.

I no longer have to worry about what state my hair will be in two days after a wash, as with a few sprays to my roots my hair is shining all over again.

I also didn’t think it was possible to avoid the white residue that comes with standard dry shampoos, but with this, it blended seamlessly with my dark hair so I didn’t need to worry about it being noticeable.

The scent was much nicer too, and I loved the volume and grip it offered, making it ever so easy to style my hair the way I liked.

Overall, is Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo worth it?

Dry shampoo is always worth having on hand – whether you have oily hair or not. It’s good for a quick last-minute spritz if your hair is lacking lustre throughout the day, adding instant life to your tresses.

And for those of us with oily hair, I’d go as far as to call it an essential. I even keep a bottle in my desk drawer at work for those days when I’ve overestimated how far my hair could go on its own.

Where to buy Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo

  • Amazon, $13.49 (usually $17.10)

Why Amazon? It offers next-day delivery, the best prices, and the option to Subscribe & Save so you can get your dry shampoo auto-delivered at a frequency of your choice.

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