EXCLUSIVE: Stunning new mum Sarah Boulazeris’s VERY simple post-pregnancy fitness hack

And it doesn't have to involve breaking a sweat!
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Just a week after giving birth, Sarah Boulazeris quite literally made our jaws drop.

The stunning brunette and her partner Kris Smith welcomed their first child together back in December, and while their adorable new cherub incited a reaction of pure joy, there was something else we couldn’t quite get over at the time – Sarah’s figure.

Posting a picture in nothing but pyjama shorts and a bra to her Instagram story with her one-week old daughter Mila Elle, Sarah looked incredible.

Sarah posted a candid photo of herself and her new baby girl just a week after giving birth. (Image: Instagram)

Alongside the striking image, Sarah wrote: “One week postpartum. Little sleep, only nutritious and macro-balanced meals.”

She also noted that she hadn’t been doing exercise – “only cuddles”, she said.

Since then, we’ve seen a series of pictures of the personal trainer posted to her Instagram showing her incredible post-baby figure.

So what was her secret, you ask?

Lucky for us, we’ve got all the answers as Sarah opens up to Now To Love about how she’s done it – and it’s surprisingly straightforward.

“Stay fit during your pregnancy, whether it be walking or light weights – just keep active every day,” she explained.

She also swears by a balanced diet, including eating a mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to fuel your body and the baby throughout the pregnancy.

“And that’s important to continue post-pregnancy as well. Try to eat enough of the right foods and keep active every day,” she said.

Sarah is taking motherhood in her stride and she and Kris adapt to their newest member. (Image: Instagram)

Sarah also has her own exercise program for mums-to-be called BUMPFIT which has helped her stay on track with her fitness since giving birth.

“It feels amazing to be back in the [gym],” she wrote on Instagram in January.

“BUMPFIT kept my body and bump strong, mobile and healthy during my pregnancy. Now it’s time to rebuild and strengthen my pelvic floor, core and body’s overall strength and movement.”

But Sarah was careful to advise any new mothers to consult a doctor before starting any exercise post-birth.

“Before commencing postnatal training I received a clearance from a medical professional. I strongly advise you to do this also,” she wrote.

Sarah, pictured here just three weeks post-partum looked incredible. (Image: Instagram)

Pregnancy skincare

It’s common for your skin to experience change during pregnancy, and Sarah was in no way exempt.

“During pregnancy I was really conscious of having stretch marks, but I fell in love with the Palmers stretch mark and massage oil – I used it every day and night literally after every shower,” she said.

In fact, Sarah is such a fan of the product that she’s now a brand partner for the skincare company.

Along with that, Sarah insisted that a clean, fresh diet is very important for your skin – although the odd chocolate is still okay!

Sarah recommended eating plenty of clean, fresh food to keep your skin healthy. (Image: Instagram)

The perils of parenting

While Sarah seems to be taking motherhood in her stride, there are some things that have taken her a little by surprise.

The biggest surprise of all? Poo explosions. Yep, in every sense of the phrase.

“[Kris] actually said to me, ‘Am I putting on the nappies right?’ because the poo explosions were so bad,” Sarah laughed.

“I was like, ‘yes they’re definitely on right!’ – but we’ve been in cafes and next minute I’m wearing half of her nappy!”

Luckily, it seems the pair make a great team when it comes to code brown situations.

“Kris is really good, he just jumps up and handles the situation, and before you know it, the poo is gone,” she laughed of her partner, who also shares eight-year-old son Ethan with former partner Dannii Minogue.

Kris has proved to be a natural with his newborn. (Image: Instagram)

And poo explosions aside, the all-encompassing joys of being a mum outweigh all, Sarah said.

“I might wake up having had hardly any sleep, but then she cracks the biggest smile at you and you just forget everything from the night before.”

“It has its ups and downs but the whole thing is just incredible.”

WATCH: Meet Kris Smith’s girlfriend Sarah Boulazeris:

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