How to get rid of puffy eyes

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Woken up with puffy eyes that won’t deflate? Shonagh Walker has some helpful hints

Apply a cold compress for 10 minutes or more. Use cold damp chamomile or black tea bags. Both have a de-puffing and calming action, however chamomile is naturally soothing, while the tannins in black tea will knock out any redness in your skin. Cotton wool balls pads soaked in chilled skim milk work well, too. Alternatively, use a cold gel-filled eye mask that you can buy from most pharmacies or department stores. Lay down with your head elevated by two pillows, as this will help the fluid drain from your face.

Another great trick is to roll two cold cans of soft drink over the orbital area. The coolness from the can soothes puffiness as the rolling massage helps flush away fluid.

Fill your bathroom sink with cold water and tip in two trays of ice cubes. Dip your face in for as long as you can hold your breath. Repeat 10 times. Dry your face by pressing gently (not rubbing or wiping) with a clean, soft towel.

Keep eye cream in the fridge and massage firmly but gently when applying. Choose a serum formula that is easily absorbed.

Do anything you can to boost lymphatic drainage — it will help drain fluid from your eye area. This includes any jumping exercise — try 15 minutes of skipping, or jumping on a mini-tramp! Drink plenty of water and herbal teas (avoid coffee), and try dry body brushing before your shower. Also try exfoliating when in the shower, and turning the water from warm to cold just before you jump out. Start at your left ankle when brushing and exfoliating, moving up towards the heart in the direction of blood flow.

When making up, use a yellow-based concealer first to knock redness out of the skin.

Use eyelash curlers to create an open eyed look. If they point skyward, it will widen and brighten your eyes in the same way that opening blinds will brighten a dark room.

Avoid pink-based shadows or anything dark and smoky. Pink tends to enhance redness, while dark shades can often make eyes look closed in, which will make puffiness appear worse. Instead, apply a creamy white highlighter to the brow bone and contour using a matte, neutral taupe shadow. If you must use colour, stick with a subtle blue hue, which will brighten and whiten any eye colour. Blend close to upper lashes only.

Apply mascara to upper lashes only. It creates a brighter, more open-eyed look, and prevents panda eyes on lower eyelids.

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