Meet the SPF50+ Aussie sunscreen we’re wearing this summer

Made for the summer sun.

Summer is just around the corner… and with it comes all the good stuff. Think the smell (and sound) of a sizzling barbecue, a fun – but always competitive – game of backyard cricket with the family and of course, that sprint across the scorching hot sand before diving into the ocean.

It’s natural to want to match that goodness with sunscreen that’s specifically designed to cope with the harsh Aussie sun.

Hamilton Sunscreen has been caring for generations of Aussie skin since 1932, offering SPF 50+ very high protection – that’s the highest SPF cover in Australia.

The broad-spectrum formula also protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays, keeping you safe from sunburn while reducing the risk of some skin cancers and signs of premature ageing.

Hamilton has been caring for and protecting skin in Australian conditions since 1932, with SPF50+ very high protection sunscreen and UVA & UVB Broad spectrum protection.

For the family on the go

The Hamilton Active Family range is perfect for those days when the summer sun is calling you outdoors. Simply apply generously (for an adult, that means about one teaspoon per body part) 20 minutes before heading outside.

When you’re on the go, pop a tube of Active Family in the beach bag – it’s fast-absorbing and has a dry-touch formula for no-fuss re-application.

For the fitness fanatics

For fitness fanatics, there’s Hamilton Sport – ideal for outdoor exercise and heavy-duty activity. It’s sweat resistant, so it won’t budge during those lunch break runs or bootcamp sessions in the park. As with all sunscreen, it’s best to reapply every two hours.

For the little ones

For little ones needing some extra protection, try Hamilton Toddler. It’s four hours water resistant, free from fragrance, lanolin, and colours for gentle care, and it comes in a roll-on, so those wriggly little legs eager to go for a run through the sprinkler can be protected in an instant.

Hamilton Toddler is SPF50+ very high protection sunscreen, free from fragrance and colours for gentle care.

For sensitive skin

Hamilton Sensitive provides the same level of SPF 50+ very high protection for skin that’s a little more delicate, with a low allergy, fast absorbing, fragrance-free formula ideal for both the body and face, so skin stays comfortable while still being protected. And, it’s free from parabens.

For your everyday routine

But sunscreen isn’t just about days spent outdoors – it’s a non-negotiable part of every skincare routine. That’s where Hamilton Everyday Face comes in – the matte finish gives invisible coverage that’s not sticky and can be worn under makeup.

It suits various skin tones and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to give your skin a boost of moisture. Using a sunscreen every day – especially one with high SPF protection – can also aid in the prevention of premature skin ageing.

No matter if you’re stretched out on the sand with a good book, playing at the local park with the kids or cheering from the side-lines at Saturday sport, there’s a sunscreen guaranteed to give you the best protection possible. Just don’t forget to pack a hat!

Sponsored by Hamilton.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Reapply frequently. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun.

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