These photos prove Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace looks just like her famous Irwin relatives – but who does she most resemble?

The similarities are impossible to miss.
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Since Bindi Irwin’s baby daughter Grace first arrived in the world, fans have eagerly anticipated every update on the delightful bub’s growth.

From her first smile, to her first laugh, crawling for the first time and learning to take selfies with mum, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell had Australia smitten every step of the way.

In fact, it was hard to imagine the public could adore the little Wildlife Warrior any more than they already did.

That is until Terri shared a throwback of Bindi as a baby to mark her 24th birthday and fans realised just how much little Grace took after her Wildlife Warrior mum.

Terri shared this bittersweet snap of Steve with Bindi as a baby.

(Image: Twitter)

It was impossible to deny the similarities between baby Bindi and Grace in this snap Bindi shared to her Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

“I remember when you were born, Steve cried happy tears, then showed everyone in the hospital his beautiful baby girl,” Terri captioned the photo.

With the same smiling eyes, button nose and cheeky grin, it’s safe to assume Steve would have been just as smitten with his granddaughter.

The gorgeous little girl has also been caught looking like the spitting image of her grandma, Terri.

Grace looks just like her grandmother, Terri Irwin, in new photos.

(Image: Twitter/Getty)

The black and white snap, which Terri herself shared to Twitter after Bindi posted it on Instagram, shows Grace gazing into the camera with her hands folded in front of her.

“Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. A beautiful old soul resides within this perfect tiny human,” Terri captioned it.

Grace clearly inherited her grandmother’s downturned eyes and a touch of her smile.

Photos Bindi shared of her daughter around her first birthday also showed the tot looking a whole lot like her “Grandpa Crocodile” Steve Irwin.

The Irwin family genetics are so strong in these three!

(Image: Instagram)

But when taking to Instagram a week before Grace’s first birthday, it was clear that Bindi’s little girl was her mini-me at the time.

“Chats with this cutie are the best,” Bindi captioned the adorable photo, her husband commenting: “Her little smile gets me every time.”

Bindi and Grace have the same nose and smile, as this photo shows.

(Image: Instagram)

It’s a smile that looked an awful lot like Bindi’s; in fact, the similarities between mother and daughter were remarkable as they grinned at each other in the snap.

Grace seemed to have inherited her mum’s eyes, her smile and her sweet button nose, and the resemblance was striking even at such a young age.

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There’s no denying that little Grace was the spitting image of her mum, and by extension her grandpa Steve, but as she’s growing up, it seems she is inheriting more of her dad Chandler’s features.

In October 2022, after Bindi and Chandler took Grace on an outdoor adventure in Queensland, fans were stunned by how grown up she looked.

Is baby Grace her dad’s mini me?

(Image: Instagram)

“Grace is looking so much like Chandler now 😍,” a top comment read on Instagram.

“I think Grace is her daddy’s little twin,” another wrote.

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