Inside Gogglebox star’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s adorable family life

Their love story is a tale of persistence.
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Based on their comfortable relationship dynamic on Gogglebox Australia, viewers may assume thatSarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s love story started with an instant connection.

Alas, the couple, who made their television debut in 2016 with their close friend Jad Nehmetallah, certainly didn’t have sparks straight away. Despite this, their relationship is a testament to the strength of persistence and the belief in never giving up on love. With a growing family of four, their endearing connection, which overcame initial hesitations, has blossomed into a deep, enduring partnership.

Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s romance began with a serendipitous connection through social media, after Matty met Sarah Marie outside a nightclub in King’s Cross.

Sliding into her Facebook DM’s with a simple ‘Hi’, Matty revealed on The Adam and Symon Show podcast that Sarah Marie did initially play “hard to get” before agreeing to go out on a date with him.

After rainchecking due to nervousness, and a semi-successful first date, Matty shared he ran into a road block when Sarah Marie admitted, “Since our date you rarely pick up the phone to call me, you usually text me on a Friday or Saturday night, your Instagram’s full of you hanging out with girls.”

Sarah then entered a relationship with another man. While this may have seemed like the end of the road, Matty was tenacious telling her; “Unless you go on to marry this guy, I’m going to be persistent.”

In a twist that seemed straight out of a movie, the other man turned out to be an ex of a friend of Matty’s. When Matty decided to reach out to Sarah one last time, she was initially hesitant. However, after two weeks, it was Sarah who initiated contact again, simply saying “Hi” – echoing Matty’s initial message to her.

Their romance took a significant leap forward on Valentine’s Day during their second date, which was marked by their first kiss. From that point on, their relationship blossomed into the enduring partnership it is today.

Their choice of wedding music in 2018 represented this dramatic affair, featuring Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’.

Sarah Marie and Matty welcomed their first child, Malik, in November 2019. The couple then expanded their adorable family with the arrival of their second son, Lyon Sainte Fahd, in May 2023.

“My baby boy, you have completed us. We waited for you, we dreamt of you. Malik, your big brother has been calling your name,” Sarah and Matty wrote in an Instagram post celebrating Lyon’s birth.

As seen in the outpouring of love and candid moments shared on social media, the couple’s family life, including the challenges and joys of parenting two young boys, has been shared with their followers.

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Sarah shared this cute photo to Instagram in celebration of Easter Monday. Malik looks so much like his mum!

“Sometimes i truly wonder what he’s thinking,” Sarah wrote.

“Lyon Sainte Fahd, 09.05.23,” Sarah began on Instagram. “My baby boy, you have completed us. We waited for you, we dreamt of you. Malik, your big brother has been calling your name. We will love you unconditionally. We will love you until the end of time. Thank you for blessing us.”

In December 2022, it was announced a new member would be joining the Fahd family in 2023.

“Malik has already started prepping to be a big brother, reciting endless lists of the things he will be playing with his new sibling & writing up the “Bulldogs for Dummies” playbook,” the Instagram post revealed.

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